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Check Points for Your Golf Swing Success

If you are paying attention to your game, you will discover techniques that work and others that don’t. You really need to keep a mental note of all of the positive things that you learn about YOUR game (after every recent round). I know that my successes change with the flexibility of my body and the state of my mind as every round progresses. You may have the same problems.

I was reminded about the minor changes in our minds during a recent round of golf. One of our friends in the foursome playing in front of us commented: “Every time your catch up to us, I hit a poor drive.” This comment was a reminder that golfers are in a heightened or distressed state of mind. Very touchy! The slightest change can set any golfer off. We become a strange breed of human. Following are a summary of techniques that you may want to consider to help your game.

For Your Driver and Approach Shots
-Standing behind your ball, stare at your target for 2 or 3 seconds to lock that image into your mind’s eye.
-Follow your target line back to a point 2 or 3 feet in front of your ball. Then step forward to line up your toes on a line parallel to your mini-target-line.
-During your setup, rotate your leading elbow to face your target line (clockwise for right-handed golfers). This move will help you keep your leading elbow straight in your backswing. Practicing with your GOLFSTR+ will also help as a great training aid.

Practice with GOLFSTR+ to learn to set your leading arm and wrist correctly for every swing in your game.

-Avoid jitters during your tee shots by waggling your club with a 2 foot takeaway by only rotating your hips (like Justin Thomas or the start of Tiger Woods’ swing).
Start your backswing with your hips then your shoulders, arms and finally add wrist cock.
-Give yourself more time for a full backswing and wrist cock for lag before your downswing
-During your downswing (your eyes are focused on your ball) so your only thought should be to swing through your ball to a balanced finish on your leading foot. Don’t kill the ball.

-Determine the slope and choose your target line. Focus on hitting your ball on the center of your putter face directly up your target (over a point about 1 or 2 feet in front of your ball).
Don’t look up until at least 1 second after your impact. [Early look-ups will pull your ball.]
-Always practice your putt with enough force to pass the hole by at least 1 foot to eliminate surface distortions near the hole and the faster break as your ball slows down.

Keep your game simple. Practice to improve 6 types of swings with GOLFSTR+ and use the techniques that work best for YOUR GAME. Buy one today at

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For Direction Control: Focus on Your Finish!

Too many golfers create poor golf shots because they only focus on hitting the ball. In reality, you will hit more consistent shots if you focus on swinging through the ball to a balanced finish. Your setup should take care of all of the most important variables. Finishing your follow-through will help you control your club face THROUGH the point of impact.

Your Setup Solves All of the Important Swing Issues
1/ Choose the correct club to reach your target.
2/ Stance and grip are corrected for any slope on the ground.
3/ Select your target line to lineup your toes on a line parallel with a point a few feet beyond your ball.
4/ Look directly at your ball with a calm state of mind.
5/ You know that your driver is swinging to launch your ball UP and all other clubs are powering DOWN into your ball to possibly take a divot AFTER the ball.

Your Actual Swing Thoughts Are Simple
A. Take enough time to rotate your hips then shoulders, arms and wrists for your backswing.

Focus on finishing your swing in balance to enjoy your moment of ecstasy as you watch your ball hit your target.

Enjoy the moment. Swing through your ball and up your target line with enough power to end your swing, balanced on your leading foot and your club over your leading shoulder, as you watch your majestic ball flight.

During every golf shot, focus on your finish position so that your club face will automatically square-up with your ball as it powers up your target line (avoiding any rush in your hands to slice or hook your ball). Practice with GOLFSTR+ to focus on the end result of your balance swing. Buy one today at

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What’s Your Money Shot?

If you’ve been golfing for some time, you know that you have a club which is far more dependable than any other in your bag. If you haven’t found your MONEY MAKER CLUB (the one you can take to the bank), you are not enjoying this game. It’s time for you to take this game more seriously and find your club that will make your “money shots”. We are talking about the shots that really count when the pressure is on.

Of course the pros count on every club to perform and you would like to achieve the same consistent performance with every club. Why not grow the strength of your game with a club that you can control.

Driver: This club is designed for distance, but you have to learn to draw or fade every shot back into the fairway.

Fairway metals and Hybrids: They are designed to nip your ball off the grass and work very well as long as you keep your head on a level plane and swing with power through the ball within a quarter inch of the ground.

Putter: Only the most premium courses have pristine smooth greens and even then, divots and ruts from clumsy feet can distort the direction for every putt. That’s why you should be pleased when you 2-putt every green.

Golf Digest showed Victor Haviland with his wide takeaway using his favorite “Money Club”.

Middle to High Irons: Used properly by taking some or no divot, these clubs should be your most forgiving clubs and should give you more successful Money Shots. By swinging with weight transfer to your leading foot, you have more height forgiveness than any other club. Of course, your setup and lineup must be correct, but these irons don’t have to be swing quickly for speed and more distance as your choice of the correct club with a moderate swing speed should be the easiest to execute.

Start enjoying your game more with a controlled swing using irons to hit your target. Spend more practice time with your irons to hit more greens in regulation and watch your scores drop. GOLFSTR+ is a great golf training aid to practice your controlled swing with a straight leading arm. Buy one today at

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Focus on Your Approach Shot like Victor Haviland

Victor Haviland is on a tear. His game is effortless and if he keeps this up the Europeans will win the Ryder Cup. Of course, he is only one of the players on their team but his consistency will be contagious. Wouldn’t we all like to catch his disease?

Ball Fight Control
Learn from Victor’s success. He chooses his target for every shot but even more important, he decides on his ball flight to hit every target. Pros know how to control their ball flight and that’s why they have so much success. Bend’m like Beckham, rip’m like Bubba or pitch’m like every major league pitcher. You have to choose the shape for your delivery to nail your shot.

Victor Haviland’s success depends on his focus for the correct ball flight.

Driver Flight
Your driver is designed for distance—PERIOD! The most successful drivers control the flight of their drives. They know that a straight drive is not easy to accomplish on every drive. It’s definitely easier to plan a draw or a fade in order to avoid a slice or a hook. We all need to learn to control the shape of our drives. DON’T expect a straight drive every time you pick up your driver.

Iron Flight
Long irons are more difficult to control than short irons. That’s why you need to develop longer drives to shorten your approach shots. The good news is that irons are designed to give you more control of your ball flight to a known distance. Victor Haviland admits that his control of ball flight with his irons is the most critical part if his game. When he has an iron in his hand, he knows that know that he can get his ball close to the pin and that gives him the chance to birdie every hole.

In Tiger’s hay days, he was one of the longest drivers, but he was not the best as hitting fairways. Fortunately for him he was one of the best scramblers to reach the green from the rough.
You should be practicing every aspect of your game but practicing to hit close to the pin from the fairway or from the rough will benefit your game more than any other shots. Victor and Tiger both know this and you should too. Practice with your GOLFSTR+ to learn to control the flight of every shot and “hit’m close”. Buy one today at

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