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Straight, Draw or Fade?

How often do you hit a perfectly straight shot? If you are like most golfers you aim up the middle of the fairway and often miss it. Why not understand your normal ball flight (draw or fade) and use it to your advantage. That way you can hit more fairways and greens. Why not take the guess work out of your ball flight?

Even if you don’t have a consistent ball flight you should create one. Pros tend to swing from the inside to create a draw for more distance. If you find it difficult to create a draw, you should move your trailing foot back an inch or two off the line which is parallel with your target line. Your ball should also be in line with your leading heal to ensure that you connect as your club is swinging from inside to out.

There are 3 reasons why balls don’t like to go straight:

  1. You swing a golf club in an arc. If you are not impacting as you swing through the bottom of the arc and up the target line, you are headed for somewhere other than straight.
  2. Your clubs have different lofts and shaft lengths. Any miscalculation in the bend of your waist or position of your feet will send your ball into Never, Never Land.
  3. The ground is rarely level. This is another angle which you need to factor into your setup and swing. Even the teeing areas can have side slopes which you should try to avoid as you setup your drive.
Plan the shape of your shot and visualize how you are going to land on your target zone.

Plan the shape of your shot and visualize how you are going to land on your target.  This golfer is planning for a fade.

Why not take the doubt out of your swing and plan to control the direction of your club at impact. A draw, fade, push or pull may all give you a problem result if you start by swinging directly at your target. Wouldn’t it be better to understand your swing and choose to execute the shot that would give you the highest probability of landing on the fairway or green? The pros plan for this and you should too.

Your brain causes you to setup for each shot based on your past experience and all of the clutter that you have learned over the years playing golf. You can’t afford to let this affect your next shot.

Sort out if you get more distance with your draw or fade. Set a plan to shape your shot with each club and shape of the ground. This routine requires swing skills that you acquire by reading golf swing tips, by taking golf lessons, by practicing with your GOLFSTR+ and by arriving at the first tee relaxed, stretched out and warmed up.

Most important you need to take control of your game and decide on your ball flight (draw or fade) before your swing. Jack Nicklaus visualized the shape of each shot before he stepped up to the ball. You can do it too!

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Straight Arm Tension is your ENEMY!

A tension free straight leading arm swing will give you longer drives and fairway hits. By extending your arm during the backswing you are maximizing the arc and width of your swing. A wide arc allows you to generate more power. Golf-Info-Guide by Thomas Golf  reminds you that this does not mean a “bolt straight stiff arm”.

We need to minimize tension in the golf swing. A relaxed arm helps you relax your wrist and generate the whipping action for more power as your club releases through the ball.

To maintain a relaxed left arm (for right handed golfer) you need to start with a “soft” arm at address. Your arm can’t be stiff and shaking. Golf-Info-Guide suggests that you learn to relax you leading arm by gripping you club only with your relaxed leading arm and with your elbow facing your left hip. Now practice taking the club away only with the left arm keeping it tension free but extended. Let your body rotate back and then through the shot as you complete the swing and then fold the left arm after impact with the ball.

Rory McIlroy has an amazing straight arm swing.  Guess what? It's tension free and delivers amazing distance.

Rory McIlroy has an amazing straight arm swing. Guess what? It’s tension free and delivers amazing distance.

Then practice with 2 straight arms in the takeaway to lesson the load and rotate your chest about 90 degrees from your target line.  Wearing GOLFSTR+ on your leading arm just reminds you to keep your leading arm straight and there should really be no extra muscle tension during the takeaway as most of the work is done by your spine and shoulder rotation.

Practice keeping your left arm soft at address and the tension free feeling should flood into the rest of your swing. This is not a violent sport. You need to trust that your relaxed wrists will generate club head speed to create surprising distance.   Practice with your GOLFSTR+Buy one today and tell your friends about this amazing 6-in-1 golf swing training aid.

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Are YOU Firing Beaver Tails?

Knowing how to read greens will lower your score. Reading your divot may be just as important. It’s a great way to understand where your swing may be in trouble.

Pay attention to the direction and depth of your divot. For your iron shots you should be taking a thin divot up to the length of a dollar bill just beyond the point where your ball was resting. If you are falling back during your swing you will never take the right divot.


This is a summary of what you can learn:

Take a straight divot just beyond your ball position.

Take a straight divot up to a dollar in length just beyond your ball position.

1/ Too Deep: You are swinging with TOO STEEP of a swing. Bending your leading arm in the backswing and creating too much lag angle will cause this problem. Using GOLFSTR+ to train for straight leading arm in the backswing is a great solution. CLICK HERE for this great brain trainer.
2/ Too Deep at the Toe: You are swinging “over the top” from the outside to the inside of your target line. (Standing too upright can also cause this problem.)
3/ Too Deep at the Heel: You are swinging too severely from the inside to the outside of the target line. (Swinging too flat at a low angle can also cause this problem.) Swinging from the inside and straight up your target line will give you the preferred result.

NOTE: Your set of clubs, length of arms and legs will all affect your swing. A professional club fitter should be consulted to ensure that you are starting with the right equipment.  For more detail on reading divots and corrective measures Click HereReading your Divot: GOLF-INFO-GUIDE by Thomas Golf.

And of course your can always purchase a GOLFSTR+  to improve every swing in your game.   WWW.GOLFSTR.COM

This Ad will hit 6 million readers in Golf Digest in November.  Order on our website before our 2014 inventory gets wiped out.

This Ad will hit 6 million readers in Golf Digest this November. Order on our website before our 2014 inventory gets wiped out.



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Instant Golf Perfection!! BS, BS & More BS!

There is only one way to improve your game. I just saw another ad promising: “Shoot Under 80 for Under a Dollar, 10 Minutes to Tremendous Power”. Wouldn’t that be nice? If only it was true we would all jump on that bandwagon. There is a right way and a wrong way to improve your golf game. The quick fix is not the solution. You need to commit to a plan to make it happen.

Golf is a complex game so there is no quick fix. We play it as a challenge to ourselves to improve our performance and to feel that wonderful glow of success. Sure we have poor rounds but when we par or birdie a hole we know that this game can be wonderful. The only challenge left is to do the same for 18 holes. We just wanted to give you a plan:

1./ Learn the Correct Swing for each Club
Reading Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and Golf Tips Magazine will give you great insights for the correct way to complete each swing for each condition that you can run into when you play golf. You should also be watching NBC Golf Channel with Michael Breed’s Golf Academy “The GOLF FIX”, Martin Hall’s Training Programs and all the tournament golf that you care to watch. Taking lessons from a PGA Golf Professional is the best way to fast track your game for success. Whatever you choose you need to learn the correct way to swing.

GOLFSTR+  is a great aid to help you groove that perfect swing.  Use it to help you correct your swing.  It's a great Brain Trainer.

GOLFSTR+ is a great aid to help you groove that perfect swing. Use it to help you correct your swing. It’s an amazing Brain Trainer.

2./ Practice with a Brain Trainer
Knowing the correct swing is just the starting point. Grooving a consistent swing, demands a lot of practice to help you get it right when you play under pressure. Golf Training Aids should be used to practice for excellence. You need a brain trainer. There are hundreds of golf training aids to choose from. GOLFSTR+ is a training aid with 6 swing fixes that train you to get it right. You can use it for every swing in your game from Driving, Fairway Shots, Chipping, Sand Shots and Putting.

3./ Gain Confidence and Overcome your Mental Handicap
Hitting the perfect shot is just the starting point to breaking 80. Building confidence in each swing will eventually overcome your mental handicap. Your confident swing will eventually eliminate those crazy killer swings. A confident calm and relaxed swing will deliver every time.

Watch your game improve with GOLFSTR+. One of its 6 uses is training for a straight arm swing while you play 18 holes (Use #2 above). Keeping your leading arm straight in your backswing and through to impact is so important for your consistent impact with the ball. Both arms straight in the takeaway force your chest to rotate. Then your trailing arm bends to pull your leading wrist back for lag (Use #1 above). Relaxed wrists let your club accelerate through the ball with a straight leading arm. Focus on breaking 90, 80 or 70 and your game will get there. Click here TO BUY YOUR GOLFSTR+

If you are already using your GOLFSTR+, send us an email about your success or pass this blog along to others who will really appreciate your suggestion.

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