Focus on Your Approach Shot like Victor Haviland

Victor Haviland is on a tear. His game is effortless and if he keeps this up the Europeans will win the Ryder Cup. Of course, he is only one of the players on their team but his consistency will be contagious. Wouldn’t we all like to catch his disease?

Ball Fight Control
Learn from Victor’s success. He chooses his target for every shot but even more important, he decides on his ball flight to hit every target. Pros know how to control their ball flight and that’s why they have so much success. Bend’m like Beckham, rip’m like Bubba or pitch’m like every major league pitcher. You have to choose the shape for your delivery to nail your shot.

Victor Haviland’s success depends on his focus for the correct ball flight.

Driver Flight
Your driver is designed for distance—PERIOD! The most successful drivers control the flight of their drives. They know that a straight drive is not easy to accomplish on every drive. It’s definitely easier to plan a draw or a fade in order to avoid a slice or a hook. We all need to learn to control the shape of our drives. DON’T expect a straight drive every time you pick up your driver.

Iron Flight
Long irons are more difficult to control than short irons. That’s why you need to develop longer drives to shorten your approach shots. The good news is that irons are designed to give you more control of your ball flight to a known distance. Victor Haviland admits that his control of ball flight with his irons is the most critical part if his game. When he has an iron in his hand, he knows that know that he can get his ball close to the pin and that gives him the chance to birdie every hole.

In Tiger’s hay days, he was one of the longest drivers, but he was not the best as hitting fairways. Fortunately for him he was one of the best scramblers to reach the green from the rough.
You should be practicing every aspect of your game but practicing to hit close to the pin from the fairway or from the rough will benefit your game more than any other shots. Victor and Tiger both know this and you should too. Practice with your GOLFSTR+ to learn to control the flight of every shot and “hit’m close”. Buy one today at