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GOLFSTR Training Aid is the Solution Being Introduced on the Golf Channel

Innovation Unlimited Inc. launches GOLFSTR ads on the Golf Channel to help 50% of golfers who swing a golf club like a baseball bat. Golf is not baseball so golfers need a golf training aid that can be worn for 18 holes to help rewire their brains.

Toronto, Ontario Canada (PRWEB) March 27, 2013

Golfster ImageThe Bent Elbow Syndrome seems to be a simple problem. About 50% of golfers can’t keep their leading arm straight in the back-swing and through to impact. Why is this so difficult? GOLFSTR is the ideal solution. This innovative brain trainer is now capturing the hearts of 80% of the die-hard golfers who desperately want to consistently break an honest 90. GOLFSTR is now being introduced with ads on the GOLF Channel. (Golf Channel Spot:

As more people take up the game of golf they quickly realize that it’s not as easy as the professionals make it look. Keeping the leading arm straight in the back-swing is the #1 problem for 50% of golfers. Even with golf lessons, breaking the habit of the bent elbow syndrome is difficult. Golfers need to reprogram their brains to change from a baseball swing to a golf swing. As they say, “If it was easy, all golfers would have done it long ago.”

Golfers who have swung a club incorrectly for 5 to 50 years need a brain trainer. Seeing and knowing the correct swing is not enough to reprogram the brain. Sure, the brain can control the swing when it is done in slow motion. But when golfers are ready to hit that little white ball, the grey matter between their ears takes over. The bigger the windup, the faster the swing and the further the hit. It just does not work this way. Unfortunately the golfer’s brain is programmed this way.

GOLFSTR is a brain trainer that reminds golfers to keep their leading arm straight in the back swing. It’s amazing how such a soft touch on the back of their leading upper arm can generate so much power in the golf swing. The key to success is not only using GOLFSTR to practice but also play 18 holes of golf with this reminder to keep their leading arm straight. The brain rewires and muscle memory takes over. It takes time and focus to learn a new swing but GOLFSTR is constantly there as a reminder during the tee-off, on the fairway and while chipping to the green. She is your best friend.

William Curry the inventor, developer and manufacturer of GOLFSTR, launched this brain trainer to retailers of the world in the PGA Golf Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL in January. He calls it the portable pro as it is so convenient to use. Until recently GOLFSTR has only been available for purchase on With impact from the Golf Channel ads it will soon be in all golf retailers.

GOLFSTR’s an unfair advantage so it can’t be used when playing in competition. Imagine what it can do to lower scores. With practice it rewires the brain to improve muscle memory.

Lee Beauchamp, a PGA of Canada professional tested GOLFSTR with his clients. He’s pleased with the results and said “GOLFSTR has helped many of my students and I believe it will help any mid to high handicap golfer as well.” (Testimonial Video:

About Innovation Unlimited Inc. Innovation has been designing and selling products to the consumer market for over 20 years. The owner’s passion is golf. GOLFSTR was created to solve the inventor’s golf swing problem and has been released to the retail market after a year of internet marketing and significant sales growth. GOLFSTR is pronounced “golf-stir” and stands for golf straight. It is a registered trademark in USA. It was launched in April 2012. Distribution is managed from Lee, Massachusetts, USA and Toronto, Canada.    William Curry is President and Media contact: 905-464-8718, sales(at)golfstr(dot)com,   

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