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  • How to Keep the Leading Arm Straight!!! : CLICK HERE
  • Best technique for Golf Chipping Video: CLICK HERE
  • Maximize Distance by minimizing your grip pressure: CLICK HERE
  • Revolution Golf Goblet Squat for more distance:  CLICK HERE


> September 2014 New Use Video: TAKEAWAY LAG TRAINER

> Golf Magazine Article by Sergio Garcia: “Keep your left arm straight and your right arm bent for the perfect Power Plane.”

> GOLF TIPS MAGAZINE, May 2014 Driver Tips and Smash It Long

> USER GUIDES:  English (NEW 6-in-1 User Guide),     Spanish    and     French

> January 2014 Video of the ASSEMBLY and 6 Swing Fixes

> January 2014 One-Size-Fits-ALL Arm Band ASSEMBLY VIDEO

> Golfing Magazine GOLFSTR+ AD AND Article on Pg 19

> Kids have no problem with the Straight Arm BackswingJust do it!   (CLICK HERE – 5 second video)

How to Bomb Your Drives   (A great set of Swing Tips and Exercises by SKLZ)>


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 #2  Get your Swing Analyzed by SwingBot 

If you are wondering about all of your swing flaws, why not have your swing instantly analyzed by ?  SwingBot is offering an analysis of your swing for only $2.99.   Just download the app to your iPhone, video your swing using the app and YOUR RESULTS ARRIVE within 15 minutes to a few hours.   Key components of your swing are reviewed with an explanation of the benefit for the correct motion.   The commentary on how well you are performing is based on knowledge from Martin Chuck (PGA Professional at the Raven Golf Club in Phoenix)It highlights the reason for your Major Swing Problems in minutes. How cool is that?

GOLFSTR+  is designed to help you overcome 6 swing flaws.    Why not take your lesson and determine if you need a GOLFSTR+  to solve one of your swing flaws.  SwingBot even gives you a $5.00 discount for the purchase of your GOLFSTR+  after you take their your lesson.   This is a Win Win Offer!

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#3     Improve Your Tempo and Transition

GOLFSTR+ is a great starting point.  We write these Weekly Swing Tips by viewing other blogs, getting tips from pros and getting ideas from GOLFSTR USERS.  One of my best sources is ROTARY SWING GOLF.

I highly recommend this training service as they have almost 250,000 followers who love and receive their golf swing training videos.  If you want to LOWER YOUR SCORES today: click below to check it out & subscribe.