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Ben Hogan Had the Right Idea!

Reverse every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you are inclined to do, and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing.    -Ben Hogan

So if Ben Hogan believed this, it must mean that the golf swing is not a natural motion.  The most powerful swing or the most consistent swing requires a lot more than walking up to the tee an’ let’er rip.

It took me 50 years to realize that I had to commit to learning a new swing.  Actually my wife was consistently whooping my butt in golf and I had to do something about it.  I was motivated.  Making a resolution for yourself is the most important part of improving your game.

We are approaching a 1000 GOLFSTRs sold on-line in the first year of sales.  Reactions from our customers have taught us a few things:

1/ Golfers who buy GOLFSTR  have made a commitment to make a real change in their game.  They want to lower their scores.

2/ Very few GOLFSTRs are returned but I can tell by the comments that they were looking for the instant fix.  They are not committed to make a change to a Straight Leading Arm in the Back-Swing.  Hogan points out that the golf swing is not natural and it requires effort to learn it.

3/ Changing to a straight leading arm in the back-swing is just a good starting point.  It also requires adjustment of many other bad habits.  That’s exactly why we decided to offer this weekly blog.

4/ The best feature of GOLFSTR is that you can wear it as you play a round of golf.  See improvement as you play.  It builds muscle memory and that is way we call it the portable pro.

Make your New Year’s resolution for an improved swing with Ben Hogan in mind.

Wishing a Happy New Year to All.        Hit’em long and straight.

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Is Your Mind 100% Focused on your Swing OR the GARMIN Contest WINNER ?

MY POINT:  You can’t talk and chew gum at the same time.  You can’t execute a swing correctly if you are not 100% focused on the swing.  Today I am announcing the winner of the signup promotion for YOUR Swing Support Center.   It’s a stretch to say that your mind may be wondering and thinking about the contest but the GOLF SWING CAN ONLY BE EXECUTED CORRECTLY IF YOUR MIND IS NOT WONDERING.

Are you thinking about keeping the leading arm straight in the back swing; that last bad shot; that buddy standing too close behind you; that comment made about the coffee stain down the front of your shirt or that stupid bird chirping over your head?  In this fast paced life our minds are trained to think rapidly.  Phones, computers and speed of transportation have moved our brains into warp speed.

The tension rises when you step up to make an important shot.  What am I talking about?  Every shot is important: driving, layups, pitching, chipping and putting.  Miss-hit one shot and you can’t possibly make par or bogey.

Rory McIlroy said that when he steps up to hit a ball he has trained his mind to think of nothing else but the process of hitting that ball with the power and direction and finesse that he plans.  His focus is intense.

THE TRICK:  I learned to trick my mind by repeating the identical sequence of words (in the back of my mind) so that I can’t be thinking about anything else.  By rehearsing these words and internalizing them I can only think about the motion and pace of the swing.  When I setup to the ball and relax my shoulders and hands I use the following words:

STRAIGHT ARM:  I think these words as a wake-up alert to focus before I begin my swing.

Sweep :                As I talk my club back with a deliberate slowed pace.

in:                           As I keep my lagging elbow bending in near my side (to open the club face).

aaaand;                 As I make the transition into the forward press and swing with wrists hinged.

Finish:                   As I swing from the inside across the ball to a balanced photo finish pose.

“STRAIGHT ARM . . . . . . . . Sweep in aaaand Finish”   [Where F in Finish is the point of impact.]

Just try saying these words and you won’t have time to think of anything else. 

CONTEST WINNER:  I just called the winner of the GARMIN S3 GPS Watch:  Laurence Schweichler in Caladonia, NY signed up for the contest on November 11 and he also told me that he purchased a GOLFSTR.   He was certainly pleased to hear of his win.  He said that he is a higher handicap golfer and that he has been trying GOLFSTR out by hitting into a net in his back yard & garage and he can see progress with his new swing (even with his jacket on).

Thank you to all who signed up for the Blog and I hope you are enjoying it.  You may also enjoy watching our progress with Shark Tank/ Dragon’s Den/ patent/ retail packaging so check out our Facebook page:

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This is not Baseball! What were you thinking?

Did you ever wonder why 80% of golfers can’t break 90?  [I mean legally break 90 – –  without tipping the ball out of a hole or “magically” finding THE ball or using the foot wedge or taking those 3 foot gimmies or taking that second shot with another ball – “anyone can hit the second one”.]

Think back to when you were a kid.  Did you take up baseball, cricket or golf first?   Yup, baseball is the reason why you have a natural tendency to bend your leading arm in the back-swing.  You swing a golf club the same way you swing a baseball bat.  Why not rest you club on your shoulder while you are at it?  Shake your head or as they say today “shut the front door”: THIS IS NOT BASEBALL.  It’s time to change those baseball habits and learn the proper swing.  Why not Swing Like a Pro?  Bent arm is not the way to go.

Ben Hogan said “the golf swing is totally unnatural”.  If you are comfortable with your old swing, get over it.  You really have to WANT TO CHANGE.  Nothing comes easy.  If you really want to improve your game and break an honest 90, then you need to commit to understanding the basics and change your old habits.  I bent my leading arm in the back swing for 50 years.  Of course I saw the pros with their straight leading arm and wanted to do the same thing. Of course I could occasionally swing with a straight arm but my mind always knew better and said “Hit it like a baseball, belt it out of here!”   My baseball swing seemed to always take over and out came those banana balls and duck hooks or left pulls.

You can change your bad swing habits if you can change your muscle memory.  You need to re-program your thoughts.  Who knew that this was a mental game.  (Those who don’t play the game agree, they all think we are mental — I digress.)   The key to your success is using a reminder to keep focused on the right swing.  That’s why GOLFSTR was invented as the PORTABLE PRO.  Playing with a reminder like GOLFSTR is a lot better than tying a string around your finger to help you remember.  When it lifts off the back of your arm, you instantly know that you are bending your arm or trying to take too much back-swing.   You need a constant reminder by playing 18 holes with your portable pro.  She is always there to remind you.

It takes time to change from that baseball swing to a golf swing.  Focus and you can make the change with your golfing buddy, the portable pro: GOLFSTR.

GOLFSTR’s an unfair advantage so you can’t use it while playing in a competition. 

Imagine what it will do for your game.”

SPECIAL NOTICE:   Hurricane Sandy and the Christmas mail rush seem to be causing delivery delays on the eastern side of the US.  Please be patient as we are now seeing deliveries of 2 to 3 weeks even though all shipments are out the door within 24 business days hours.  To improve delivery we will be shipping all future US orders from our Massachusetts warehouse by the end of December.  We thank you for your patience.

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Rory McIlroy’s Lag and Release

I mentioned in my last blog that I wanted to help you understand the “feeling” of the lag, wrist release and follow through.  Rory is a great example who we can all learn from.

The golf swing happens within a few seconds.  You can’t possibly plan each component of the swing as your mind can’t think that fast.  While reading Percy Boomer’s historic book “On Learning Golf”, I noticed that he describes the swing as knowing the right feeling for the swing.  This reminded me of the wonderful impression and feeling that we get when we watch a successful golfer in slow motion.  Understanding what the golfer is trying to do and then watching the motion really helps you feel the effort in the swing.

I found an amazing slow motion video of Rory’s swing on YouTube.  [Slo Mo of Rory’s swing]  Of course Rory, like most pros, swings with a straight leading arm in the back swing.    80% of the golfers in this world who would like to break 90 are wondering why they are not hitting the ball consistently.  That straight arm is just Rory’s starting point for consistency.  Rory does not need GOLFSTR as he learned the straight arm swing in his youth.  If you don’t have this natural feeling for the swing, GOLFSTR is a great Brain Trainer to help you make the change.

What Rory does so well in his downward motion is lagging the release of his wrists and moving the club head from inside to the outside (across the face of the ball) as he releases his wrists.  It’s like skipping a flat stone on water.  The wrist lag causes the burst of speed as they whip though the bottom of the swing and accelerate the club head to extreme speeds through the impact zone.

Practicing the swing to feel the lag and whip of the club head from the inside to outside is so critical for your success.  You can’t think it through.  You need to feel the motion that you want to achieve.

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GOLFSTR is also the perfect stocking stuffer.  The Portable Pro is easy to carry in your pocket, wear it as you play and see results.  It’s like having a reminder from your pro every time your swing.  Our Golf Channel ads says: “GOLFSTR is an unfair advantage.  Imagine what it will do for your game.”

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