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GOLFSTR+ is a golf training aid manufactured and distributed by Innovation Unlimited Inc.  We guarantee your satisfaction or you can return the product for a product refund.

Order on the STORE PAGE  for deliveries throughout the world

Mail Orders:  If you prefer not to order on this website, please provide a  Check made out to Innovation Unlimited Inc. and mailed to: 65 Kaitting Trail,   Oakville, Ontario L6M 0T6  Canada.

Use the calculated amount from the Store Page on this website ($29.99/unit purchased (plus taxes only if purchased in Canada).  Please provide your phone number, return address [and email address if available].

International Destination:  We welcome orders from any country in the world.  The Shipping and Handling fee for orders outside of USA, Canada and Mexico is $10 and $3 for each additional unit.

Contact us directly for bulk order pricing and distribution opportunities.

International Airmail deliveries can take up to 4 weeks. To speed up international deliveries please check out these distributor websites:

EXTRA PRO:   CLICK  (    in Sweden.

Perfect My Golf:   CLICK  ( in UK

> in Switzerland & France

 >  SLAMGOLF  (French Site): in Switzerland & France

  For GENERAL QUESTIONS about GOLFSTR+ please enter your question below or call us directly.






Office Phone: (905) 464-8718

Head Office Mailing Address: Innovation Unlimited Inc.,  65 Kaitting Trail,  Oakville, Ontario  L6M 0T6 Canada

Questions?    Call (905) 464-8718 or send us an email with your phone number to: