For Direction Control: Focus on Your Finish!

Too many golfers create poor golf shots because they only focus on hitting the ball. In reality, you will hit more consistent shots if you focus on swinging through the ball to a balanced finish. Your setup should take care of all of the most important variables. Finishing your follow-through will help you control your club face THROUGH the point of impact.

Your Setup Solves All of the Important Swing Issues
1/ Choose the correct club to reach your target.
2/ Stance and grip are corrected for any slope on the ground.
3/ Select your target line to lineup your toes on a line parallel with a point a few feet beyond your ball.
4/ Look directly at your ball with a calm state of mind.
5/ You know that your driver is swinging to launch your ball UP and all other clubs are powering DOWN into your ball to possibly take a divot AFTER the ball.

Your Actual Swing Thoughts Are Simple
A. Take enough time to rotate your hips then shoulders, arms and wrists for your backswing.

Focus on finishing your swing in balance to enjoy your moment of ecstasy as you watch your ball hit your target.

Enjoy the moment. Swing through your ball and up your target line with enough power to end your swing, balanced on your leading foot and your club over your leading shoulder, as you watch your majestic ball flight.

During every golf shot, focus on your finish position so that your club face will automatically square-up with your ball as it powers up your target line (avoiding any rush in your hands to slice or hook your ball). Practice with GOLFSTR+ to focus on the end result of your balance swing. Buy one today at