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Ben Hogan and all the great ones do it . . . . For Control and Power

As Nike says:  Just Do It.   So why can’t you just keep that leading arm straight.  About 50% of golfers have this problem.  Change is difficult as it requires practice and commitment.  My message today gives you more incentive to stick to it and make your STRAIGHT ARM  SWING happen.

Over the past year sales for GOLFSTR  have been way beyond our expectation.  Occasionally I receive an immediate response that GOLFSTR does not lock or hold your leading arm straight in the back swing.  Guess what!   GOLFSTR  just a brain trainer.  It’s just the reminder while you learn your new swing.  Using GOLFSTR  you can see the improvement that a straight arm will give you: in your drives, on the fairway and in your short game.

Unfortunately if it was easy to change your swing, you would have done it long ago.  Buying GOLFSTR is just the first step.  I just want you to understand the additional benefit of the straight leading arm (as your incentive to make it happen).

As you keep your leading arm straight:

1/ In the back swing you can just focus on the 90 degree hinge in your wrist and keeping you lagging elbow near your side (for the Sergio Garcia POWER SWING).

2/ In the transition at the top of your swing just focus on starting rotation from the hip and just drop your arms down while holding the arm straight and the club lag (at a 90 degree wrist hinge).

3/ And down to impact you need to keep your leading arm straight for consistent connection with the ball.

Jeff Richmond (Consistent Golf Blog) provided the following shot of Ben Hogan who keeps his leading arm RIGID STIFF in the back-swing and right through to impact.  This image shows Hogan’s 23 degree lag angle on his wrist hinge.  Jeff points out that a 90 degree lag angle is good, a 45 degree gives you even more power but a 23 degree is “crazy good”.

I’m not advocating the 23 degree lag for everyone but it sure highlights the importance of STRAIGHT ARM and LAG.  Go for it.  Tiger does it and you can too!



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When Ben Affleck accepted the Best Movie Academy Award for ARGO he said: “When they knock your down, just get back up”.  And that’s what I did.  GOLFSTR  is a new concept in golf training aids. A Brain Trainer that you can wear for 18 holes and see your success.

We launched GOLFSTR  in March 2012 and it has been widely accepted throughout the world.  We are now headed for 2,000 units sold, our social network is now active, GOLFSTR  is a registered trademark (seek attorney’s help resolving trademark claims for trademark infringement )and is patent pending in our target countries which became possible only by establishing a trademark lawyer who ensures that their product’s identity remains among the original makers only.

Starting March 18, we are starting to run ads on the Golf Channel.  Reaction to this ad at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando was over the top.   We sold out on the first day.

                                                               CLICK TO VIEW THE GOLF CHANNEL AD

GOLFSTR  is catching fire.  This ad will really wake-up over 50% of all golfers who bend their arm in the back-swing.  They just need to get over that baseball swing and start playing golf.

Users learn to swing like a pro.  Yes, straight arm in the back-swing, the transition and through to impact for more consistent hits.  They quickly learn that lagging their club by hinging their leading wrist is so important for more power and distance.

Golf is a lot more fun when you hit it longer and keep it in the fairway.

Help us spread the word and pass this message along to your golfing buddies.  Thanks for all of your support and positive comments.

Inventor, designer and manufacturer Will Curry

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Increase back-swing rotation by lifting your heel — not bending your elbow!

So many recreational players feel that they need to bend their leading elbow to get the rotation of the club in their back-swing.  Power in the swing comes from the initial trunk rotation of your body.   Jim McLean at the McLean Golf School in Doral, Florida points out 2 critical moves that you need to remember.

1/ Lifting your leading heel allows you to get more rotation in your back-swing.  Aging backs can really benefit from this extra trunk rotation.  Just use this heel lift without bending your leading elbow in your back-swing.  Of course you may want to try using GOLFSTR as a reminder to keep that leading arm straight to the transition point in your back-swing.

2/ Lifting your leading heel helps rotation but it is wasted if you straighten out the knee of your trailing leg.  Keep your trailing knee flexed in the back-swing for power when you rotate forward through impact.   Tiger and all the pros start their downswing with forward hip rotation and finish by (almost) lunging through the impact point to an extended-lagging-knee-finish.

Note: Keeping your trailing knee flexed prevents over rotation in the back-swing.

GOLFSTR reminds you to avoid elbow bend as you create a full rotation in your back-swing.   Try this to generate more power.

Hey, Snow Bound Northerners >>>>  SPRING IS COMING.  

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My New Aha! Moment in Golf – – – Controlled Transition!

Oprah Winfrey created the term “Aha! Moment”.  I have now had two Aha! Moments in golf.  My first was with STRAIGHT LEADING ARM and it lead to the creation of GOLFSTR .  So why was I still messing up a few holes in most of my rounds of golf.  CONTROLLED TRANSITION at the top of the back-swing has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Near the end of my recent 2 months wintering in Florida, I had a very special round of golf with one of the most connected presidents of golf clothing and golf club brands in the world.   He was well aware of my development of GOLFSTR .  I showed it to him before we played but I did not have a chance to use it on the range before we played.  Guess I was a little tight.  I played my worst round in over 10 years.

Nearing the end of the round I finally asked my playing partner what he thought I was doing wrong.  I was hoping that this 5 handicap golfer could identify my fault.  He said “You seem to be a little right side heavy.”   Thinking about this later I realized that I was rushing my transition at the top and not finishing the follow through.

Aha! Moment: Slow down the transition and accelerate through the ball.  [The problem is that I have been rushing my transition (and bend my leading arm at the top) when I really try to hit a longer shot.]


-When I start to play really well, I mess-up my next shot by trying to hit the ball harder and further.

-Why do I play better when my arm or back are sore?  I must be slowing down my transition at the top.

-Ernie Els seems to swing so effortlessly because he doesn’t rush the transition.

-Pro golfers are all so balanced when they finish their swing.

-Balance & cadence are so important to a great golf swing.  Brain Training is the key starting point.

-To control my cadence (tempo) I know that I have to think the following words during each swing:    STRAIGHT ARM . . . Sweep-in aaand Finish

I put this into practice on my final 2 rounds in Florida.  I played 9 holes wearing GOLFSTR  and 9 holes without GOLFSTR  during each round.  The results were amazing.  Keeping a straight leading arm in the back swing and starting the down swing by keeping my wrist hinged and arm straight are so critical for success.  [When I rush the transition I bend my leading elbow and cast my wrist.]

SOLUTION: Slow down the transition and accelerate through the ball. 

I can hardly wait to get back on the course this Spring.   GOLFSTR is so important as a brain trainer to change my swing.

Controlled Transition is my new Aha! Moment.

NOTE: GOLFSTR  gives you an unfair advantage (so you can’t wear it in a competition).  Just think how it will lower your score.

Please share these blogs with your friends.     [But not your golfing buddies, ha ha ha!]


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