Welcome to YOUR Swing Support Center, a blog with tips to help you transition to your new straight leading arm back-swing. This blog allows us to share information which we find in articles by golf professionals or success stories submitted by GOLFSTR users. These tips have helped me and I hope they help you too.

Bill Curry, inventor of GOLFSTR

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Straight Arm is ONLY a Key Component of your New Golf Swing

I am not a golf pro but much like Bubba Watson, I have developed my own swing.  What was I thinking?  Sure I have had lessons but I always fell back into my old habits of bending my leading elbow in the back swing and then coming over the top resulting in disaster.

My lesson at the end of 2010 (shown on the GOLFSTR website) clearly showed that I would never improve my game unless I put some real effort into making changes in my complete swing.  Yes, I developed GOLFSTR to force me to pay attention to the straight arm in the back swing and this was a key starting point but I quickly recognize that the swing is a chain of events.  There are so many things that can go wrong.   I dropped my handicap when I realized that my swing is a work-in-process.


GOLFSTR is just the starting point for your new and improved golf swing.   This BLOG ( which we will soon be changing to: Your Swing Support Center) will provide supporting ideas to help you change your swing.  Improving your swing requires much more than keeping your leading arm straight.  Have you seen the tips in my blog about bent lagging elbow and wrist hinge (see Sergio Garcia) for more consistent hits and power?  This blog will share the successes provided by others who are changing their swing to incorporate the STRAIGHT LEADING ARM.

It took me time to figure this out.  Shooting wonderful golf on many holes is only a starting point.  You need consistent golf for 18 holes for great scores.  GOLFSTR just helps you focus on one KEY component but you need to be committed to making changes in your overall swing to “Swing Like a Pro”.

Aging bodies will never swing with the flexibility of a young pro but it is in your best interest to swing LIKE  a pro.   We will cover topics about the  stance,  swing plane,  swing cadence, swing thoughts, swing lag and follow through.

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An unfair advantage – but who cares, as long as it works!

October 30, 2013  Dan Beaubien asked:  I’m inquiring about your “Straight Arm, Straight Shot” ad in Golf Magazine.  Please describe this product.  Is it a device that actually keeps the left arm straight (therefore probably not legal in competition) or something that trains the body to keep the arm straight?

Answer from Bill Curry:  You are right on both counts Dan.   GOLFSTR is used as a brain trainer to remind you to keep your leading arm straight in the back swing.  It does not restrain your arm in any way.  You just feel it come off the back of your upper arm if you bend your arm.   The wonderful benefit is that GOLFSTR builds muscle memory by wearing it as you play 18 holes and see your score drop.

On our User Guide and on our retail package we state: “ It gives you an unfair advantage so you can’t use it when playing in a competition.”

Why not use this “unfair advantage “ to learn your new swing and then enjoy your new and improved swing without wearing GOLFSTR.  If it was easy to change to a straight arm in the back swing you would have done it long ago.  I’ve had the bent arm problem for too long and finally decided to do something about.  If the pros can do it why can’t I?   Must be the steel plate lodged between my ears.  GOLFSTR was my solution and I hope it will be your solution too.

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Try Using a DRAW SWING to get rid of your Old Swing Habits

Your straight leading arm in the back swing is the key ingredient to help you correct your swing.

To help you change from an over the top swing, you may want to try positioning your feet for a draw swing with a closed stance [point your leading foot directly at the hitting line (not flared) and your lagging foot shifted 1 or 2 inches back from the hitting line].  Keep your lagging elbow bent near your side.  Sergio Garcia points out that this helps you swing from inside to out (to eliminate those crazy slices).

After getting the feel for your new inside to out swing, your swing pattern will change and you may want to eliminate the draw stance or minimize it.  Just change back to a normal in-line stance but keep your club coming from the inside instead of over the top.

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Swing Thoughts for your New Swing

To overcome the bent leading arm in your back swing you need to learn a NEW swing.

Correct stance (possibly a draw stance for extreme over the top hitters, see October 15 BLOG), light grip and keeping your eye on the ball are all required. Each person will have their own problems remaining from their existing swing and a lesson may be required. I’m also suggesting that you try the approach that I learned from the pros and Sergio Garcia. You need to put some effort into learning your new swing and then focusing during every swing. Repeating a poor swing will never solve your problems.

To help with your swing cadence ( and to block out all external thoughts ) I find it helpful to say the same phrase during each swing. By doing this you think of nothing else during your swing:

Straight Arm . . . . . . . . . . Sweep in aaaand Finish

Start your swing at rest with a reminder of your practice with GOLFSTR to keep your leading arm straight through the back-swing by saying to yourself: “Straight Arm” (as you breathe and relax your shoulders and grip).

Then say the following as you complete your swing:

sweep” as you start the takeaway by rolling and hinging your wrists to point the toe of the club up,
in” as you keep your lagging elbow into or near your side (Power Plane by Sergio Garcia),
aaaand” during the smooth transition at the top aim at the inside back portion of the ball (swinging from inside to out),
Finish” [at the point of impact] as you swing to a photo finish with your belt buckle pointing at the target.

Straight Arm . . . . . . . . . Sweep-in-aaaand-Finish

This is just a suggestion as it has helped others during their transition to their new swing. Saying these words will help you slow down your swing and smooth out the transition at the top of the swing.

Changing your golf swing is not easy. GOLFSTR is an important aid to help you get there.

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