Great Chipping Drill to get Close for a 1-Putt Green!

Chipping close to the pin can save you 1 or 2 shots per hole.  What are you waiting for?  Recreational players often hinge their wrist in the back swing or follow through with an early release cupping the ball.  Often this leads to fat shots leaving it short or thin hits sculling across the green. 

One of the instructors at the Jim McLean Golf School in Doral, Florida recently sent out a great tip to improve CHIPPING.  He called it the Pen Drill. [ Looks like he’s trying to copy the latest release for GOLFSTR. ]

The instructor suggested placing a pen under your watch band on your leading hand to prevent your wrist from bending forward at impact.  Even better, place GOLFSTR  on your wrist over your golf glove for a more rigid control than a skinny pen.

GOLFSTR used for Flat Wrist Chipping practice.

Practice using GOLFSTR: Learn to keep your Wrist Flat when chipping

Close-up view of GOLFSTR locking the wrist when chipping

Close-up view of GOLFSTR locking the wrist when chipping

 The primary use for GOLFSTR  is a training aid on your elbow to keep your leading arm straight in the back-swing.  Fortunately there are 3 more uses for GOLFSTR when you snug it on over your golf glove with the end curling over your knuckles.  Forget the Pen Drill.  GOLFSTR  holds your wrist rigid for putting, chipping, pitching and in the back-swing (to avoid cupping and bowing your wrist).

Practice with GOLFSTR  for the perfect chip.  For shorter chips just open your stance with your feet inches apart and pressure on your leading foot.  Practice the pendulum swing (like a putting stroke) to get the feel for the distance.   Practice with different clubs to see how far they will hit (in the air plus roll) with different amounts of back-swing. 

Your chip swing should always be the same height in the back swing as you swing in the follow through.  Swing the club head directly along the line of your target landing location.   The swing is short so you can almost feel like you are tossing it at the target.

Use GOLFSTR  to master chipping and then use the same motion with more back swing and lower loft clubs for short pitch shots.


1/ Check for more training aid uses for GOLFSTR.   GOLFSTR+  will be announced shortly with 5 training aid uses for every swing in your game.

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