So why not Anchor the Traditional Putter?



Now that the US Golf Association and the R&A have killed the anchored putter, GOLFSTR has the solution!  Take the small twitching arm and wrist muscles out of the swing.  Lock your wrist during the putting stroke. Tiger did it.  Why don’t you?

Tiger Putting Locked in Triangular ShapeTiger is the best putter in the world.  Why not copy success.  Instead of anchoring his putter to his chest or belly he just eliminates all motion in the arms and wrists.  He simply uses his spine to rotate his shoulders and keeps his arms and wrist in a relaxed and locked triangular position.

  •   Take a stance with the forward foot flared about 20 degrees, rear foot is perpendicular to his hitting line.
  •  Practice with GOLFSTR mounted over your gloved hand with the curved end over your knuckles to lock your wrist in line with your forearm.  Tiger uses this straight wrist position to keep his hands slightly ahead of the ball.  His shaft angle is at 5 degrees ahead of the ball and directly in line with his wrist and forearm.  NOTE: The GOLF CHANNEL recently showed a slow motion comparison of Tiger and Rory McIlroy.  Rory starts with about a 10 degree angle, bends his wrist in the back swing to create up to a 20 degree angle bend at impact and he can’t sink a putt to save his life.
  • Rock your shoulders/spine to swing your putter to practice your locked arm swing and get the feel for the right distance
  •  Change the distance of the expected putt by increasing or decreasing  the length of your pendulum swing. 
  • When you feel that you have the right amount of swing, step up to the ball
  • Choose your perfect line 
  •  Keeping your eyes focused directly on the spot where the ball is at rest, repeat the same swing as your last practice swing, pause and look up to see if you picked the right line.  Learn from any break for the next putt.
  • Practice using GOLFSTR and you’ll sink ’em like Tiger in no time.

One More Tip: Mike Calbot, our technical adviser at Old Corkscrew Golf Club (Jack Nicklaus Signature Course), Ft Myers, FL locks his hands together by pointing the first finger of the gloved hand over the fingers of the lower hand.  It really works!  Practice helps too!

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[Why is it that we enjoy seeing the female form of the STRAIGHT ARM SWING?]



  • Leon Gibbs says:

    Thanks for the terrific putting tip incorporating the GolfStr with wrist stability. My putting game needs improvement and I will definitely give this tip a try.

    • Bill Curry says:

      Thank you Leon, Thousands of GOLFSTRs were purchased to eliminate the bent elbow in the back-swing. Glad that you are helping me get the story out that GOLFSTR does so much more. A locked wrist for putting, chipping and back-swing are all so important in lowering your score.