Putt the Lights Out Like Koooch!

When the putting stats for Tiger Woods and Matt Kuchar hit the top 10, they win tournaments.   If putting success is so important and they are the best putters in the world we should all try to understand why.  Both Tiger and Kuchar lock their wrists and swing with the rotation of their shoulders and spine but Kuchar is unique.

Kuchar recently started to win by setting up with a longer than normal putter which he lines up with his leading forearm.   (It’s not locked into his  belly but you may see more belly putters cut down to the size of Matt’s now that they are being  banned from tournament play.)

He shifts his body and weight to his left foot and lines up the ball forward in his stance to allow the putter grip to lean directly up his left arm.  His elbows are bent and tucked into his sides.  His feet are wider than his normal relaxed stance.  Like Tiger, he sets up with his shaft leaning slightly ahead of the ball (forward press).

The lineup of his leading arm and putter never breaks.  His knees are locked like a statue so that his only motion is caused by his spine rotation as he rocks his shoulders in a pendulum swing. 

He swings in an arc. Open in the back swing and closed at the finish, exactly the same way Tiger does it.

You can duplicate this swing with your conventional putter!

1/ Practice with GOLFSTR  by wearing it over your golf glove (on your leading wrist) to get the feel for putting with a locked wrist.  Take the same posture as Kuchar and gain confidence as you sink more putts.

2/ To lock your hands together, point the first finger on your leading hand over the knuckles of your right hand.   [This takes the small twitching muscles out of your putt and eliminates the yips.]

Lock your hands by extending your first finger over the knuckles of your lower hand.

Lock your hands by extending your first finger over the knuckles of your lower hand.

You can forget about the benefits of long putters as long as you lock your wrists & hands and use your spine & shoulders to swing the putter.  GOLFSTR  is a great training solution to help your get there.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  GOLFSTR  is a training aid for the straight arm swing as well as the straight wrist putt, chip, pitch and back-swing.  Check out www.golfstr.com for the latest updates.  4-in-1 Arm Trainer.

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