FIVE Training Aids are Better than ONE

Our customers invented 4 more ways to use GOLFSTR.    MORE BANG FOR THE BUCK!    Why didn’t I think of that?   Now you get 5 training aids for the price of 1.  We call it GOLFSTR+

Now you can purchase a wonderful Arm Training Aid for every swing in your game: Driving, Fairway Shots, Pitching, Chipping and Putting. It helps you control bent elbow, wrist lag, wrist cupping/bowing in the back-swing, yips in your putt and cupping in your sand, chip and pitch shots.

It really is the complete GOLF SWING Arm Trainer. CLICK FOR Video of the 5 Uses for GOLFSTR+

#1 USE: Straight Elbow Swing: Some of our customers asked about a more intense pressure on the back of the arm. We decided to give you 3 options by adding a rubber EXTENDER with 3 ways to use it: OFF, UP or DOWN.  All future orders will include the EXTENDER at no extra charge for a limited time.  If you want to purchase an EXTENDER it will soon be listed on the Store Page for $ZERO + $10 S&H.

3 Options for pressure on back of the arm
#2, #3, #4 USE: Putting, Chipping and Back-swing: Snug it over your golf glove with the curved end running over your knuckles.  GOLFSTR prevents your wrist from bending forward.

#5 USE: Lag Trainer: Reverse the arm band and mount the plastic plate curved up on the back of the thumb on your gloved hand. WARNING If you don’t have an EXTENDER you should ONLY use this application when wearing a golf glove on your leading hand (on the Left Hand when using Right Handed golf clubs). Feeling GOLFSTR  on the back of your thumb helps you learn to hold your lag in the back-swing for more power and distance in your hits.

For Every Swing in Your Game

For Every Swing in Your Game

GOLFSTR+ is still available on this site at $29.99 and will increase to $39.99 this summer.

Buy it now at

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