What’s Consistent in Every Successful Golf Swing?

What do you think is the easiest way to improve every golf shot? It’s important for our driver, irons and putter. The distance from your shoulders to your ball should remain the same for your setup and your point of impact. The shaft of your club is not changing so it’s up to your spine, shoulders and arms to find the same distance at impact. Early extension at the point of impact is a killer.

Shoulder Control
Most golf pros suggest tilting your shoulders at setup for your DRIVER to ensure that your impact is in an upward direction. It keeps your swing arcing upward toward the forward position of your teed up ball. For all other clubs your shoulders should be level and square to your target. In all cases, your job is to just rotate your shoulders with your spine.

Spine Control
Your hips and spine generate a lot of the power in your swing. You can’t afford to sway back during your swing. Spine ROTATION allows your hips and your shoulders to wind-up in your backswing.

Arm Control
In your arms you have 3 active sets of joints: shoulders, elbows and wrists.

  • A normal arm socket can only rotate about 45 degrees across your body when your shoulders are square to your body. Don’t try to move them further (like Rory and many of the pros).
  • Your leading elbow should remain straight throughout your back-swing and down-swing or you will be forced to make split second (potentially disastrous) corrective actions at the point of impact. GOLFSTR+ will help your train for a straight arm back-swing.
  • Your wrists both need to cock for lag at the top of your swing and then release at the bottom of your swing, for direction and power control.
The distance from his shoulders to the ball is constant at SETUP and at IMPACT (on the right). His hip rotation is the key difference, without any swayback or extension.

Feel the weight of your club head taking charge during your back-swing and down-swing as you rotate your body to a balanced finish. John Daly and Jon Rahm are examples of the 2 extremes in the back-swing. Find your happy medium without swaying or bending your elbows. And, heaven forbid, never extend your legs and back until after impact.

Trick to Prevent Leading Elbow Bend: Setup with a straight leading elbow and then rotate your elbow to point directly up your target line. Rotating your elbow will help you lock your leading elbow like Rory McIlroy during your backswing and downswing.

Practice with your straight leading elbow using GOLFSTR+ to keep that perfect distance from your shoulders to your ball at setup and impact. Buy one today at www.GOLFSTR.com

Golf opinions researched by GOLF blog: #2. “Music on the golf course is trash. Have a beer in a backyard or go to a concert if music is so important to you.” Do you agree?