Weekend Warriors: Get Back in the Game!

That famous quote by Ben Hogan is so true: “The most important shot is your next one.”  Learn from the past and move one.  This is easier said than done but your game will never improve if you don’t develop the right mind set and confidence.  GOLF TIPS MAGAZINE recently provided a great summary of the 5 Mental Mistakes in Golf.  So use your MENTAL CADDY to help you avoid dumb mistakes?

1/ Getting Distracted: Let your mind slow down and dump all of the clutter from outside of your game (emails, to do list, your last poor shot, that annoying bird >>> )

2/ Focusing on Your Score:  If you are having the best or worst round of your life, it will not improve your game by focusing on your score.  It can only get worse.  So just stay in the moment.  Clear your mind with thoughts about preparing for your next shot by focusing on your routine.  Make your next shot count.

Golfer with Wrong Attitude3/ Reacting to Poor Shots:  We all react in different ways when we screw up a shot.  The harder you get on yourself the longer the impact and worse the effect on your next shot.  You came to play this game so don’t waste the time stewing about it.

4/ Lack of Course Management:  If you mishit your ball into a poor location just chalk it up as a penalty and hit your ball back into an area when you have a clear shot.  Don’t expect that you can hit like Phil or Tiger to save your butt 9 out of 10 times.  Odds are you will only end up in a worse position.

5/ Losing Confidence:  If you make a poor shot, try to understand what went wrong and get over it.  Negative self-talk is not going to help you.

So get on top of your game.  Build confidence in your game by practicing or warm up with GOLFSTR+Get the feel for great shots and use that feeling when you get out on the course.  Straight leading arm and straight wrist shots will give you better results.

We all make mistakes but don’t make 2 in a row.  Keep your mind focused and you will drop strokes in every round that you play.


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