Want Instant SUCCESS: Choose the Right Tees

As we age, our flexibility and strength deteriorate as well as the distance of our drives. I was surprised when I saw the following chart displaying Driving Distance by age and by handicap. This data was accumulated by all users of the Arccos Golf Caddie Smart Sensors so it must be the average for all of the hits and mishits for every male player as the numbers seem low.

According to the chart below, low handicap players in the age range of 70 to 79 have an average drive of about 215 yards and a mid-range handicap player is averaging about 180 yard drives.

Male driving distance based on age and handicap. Face it: As you age your driving distance drops off. Move UP!

Every golfer that I play with, admit that they are losing distance with every club as they age. Unfortunately, most of the aging golfers hate to consider moving up the a forward tee. To compensate for their shorter hits they tend to swing faster and mess-up more shots.

Best Tips for Aging Golfers to Lower Their Handicaps
1/ Move up to the tees where you successfully reach the green in 2 shots on par 4 holes.

2/ Don’t swing harder, swing smarter. Tee up your drives so that half of your ball is above your club head when it’s resting on the ground. If you aren’t getting good altitude with your drives, slope your shoulders back in your setup. Setup with your ball forward and power your driver up as your club arcs upward.

3/ Mark the face of your clubs with foot powder or a dry powder marker to that you can determine where you are impacting the face of your club. The ideal impact is slightly higher and outside of the dead center of your club face.

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