Want Distance? Focus on YOUR Flexibility & Core

If you want to lower your scores, you need to be long and accurate off the tee! If you normally shot over 90, concentrate on technique and accuracy. If you are ever going to consistently score in the 80’s or 70’s, you need longer drives which land in the fairway to improve your chance to increase your Greens Hit in Regulation (GHIR).

Be Realistic in YOUR Expectations:
-The top 5 professional female golfers average 267 yard off the tee.
Lydia Ko: became the No. 1 ranked woman professional golfer on February 2, 2015 at 17. She’s 117 pounds, 5 foot 5 inches tall & averages 250 yds off the tee.
– 12 year old scrawny amateurs can hit drives 240 yards.

Accept the fact that muscle strength is NOT the starting point to win at this game. If you aren’t hitting your drives 240 yards, you need to work on your CORE STRENGTH.

Without strong, pliable muscles in your stomach, hips, butt and lower back, you can’t make a golf swing that is both powerful and technically sound. Any youth who is active in sports will have flexibility and core strength. All they need is the technique to coil properly in the backswing and uncoil in this sequence: hips, shoulders, straight arms and finally the whipping action to release your wrists through impact.

Top Players initiate their downswing with the powerful muscles in their abs and hips. Once the desired momentum is generated by the lower body, they use their arm and wrist muscles to power through impact.

Unfortunately, Recreational Players tend to use their shoulder and arm muscles from the top of their swing. As a result, they are unable to recruit the latent muscle-power in their lower body, while the arm muscles work extra hard to power and guide the club. This results in inconsistent swings!

Google "Core Strength for Golf"  or click to check out this one.

Google “Core Strength for Golf” or click to check out this one.

Of course strength in your arms and wrists will give you extra power and distance (like the pros) but if you want to keep your body in shape for golf, focus on flexibility and core strength first. Just GOOGLE: Core Strength for Golf  to find exercises. I like this CORE exercise because you don’t need any special equipment, you can start training with a single arm or leg and you can do this exercise in a short amount of time as you watch your favorite sports on TV: Best Core Exercise- Golf Fitness Video

When your core is solid and stable you will be able to perform a more consistent swing. Remember to practice with GOLFSTR+ to learn the right technique for the 6 swing solutions. Buy it today at www.golfstr.com


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