Use Your “Throwing” Power to Swing Your Driver

Why are you making golf so difficult for yourself?  You learned to throw a ball well before you picked up your first golf club.  If you consider the elbow bend required to windup and throw a ball, you will realize that this is the same motion that your trailing right arm makes when you throw a sidearm baseball. Yes, your hand comes over the top when you throw a baseball, but the same power is there when you throw a side-arm pitch.  Shouldn’t you be able to generate more power when you swing a driver as if you are throwing a side-arm pitch with your right arm?

Just use your normal body movement to generate more power.  If you are right-handed, you have thrown a ball with your right arm hundreds if not thousands of times.  That motion is the only motion that you need to generate more speed.  Tiger is naturally right-handed and he only thinks about throwing his RIGHT wrist to release his DRIVER through the ball as fast as he can.

I found this YouTube image of a golfer throwing his right arm to illustrate generating his powerful swing.

I’m naturally left handed in every thing that I do except playing golf.  [Right-handed clubs were the only clubs in the attic when I was younger.  So I had no choice but to learn to swing with those old right-hand clubs.]  Now that I have learned to swing without coming over the top, I finally understand the importance of building speed and power with my trailing weaker right arm.

Using my right arm to generate power in my golf swing was a major physical change for my body and mind.  Fortunately, I have also learned to use my right arm to make single handed shots in tennis and pickleball.  If you are naturally right-handed you really should enjoy the natural feeling of generating power with your right “throwing arm” for your golf swing.

Treasure the next moment that you pick up your driver and think about generating more power and swing speed with your right arm. Use your side-arm throwing action to generate that power.  You now have a new perspective when you deliver powerful drives.  Let your trailing arm shallow in your backswing and take over the power of your swing up the slot on your target line.

Now you should realize why your straight leading arm (your left arm) is responsible for delivering a full arc during your downswing. Your right arm is just delivering the POWER for your wide swinging arc of your driver to the point of impact.  Practice with GOLFSTR+ on your weaker left arm to control your STRAIGHT ARM and LONG arcing swing for more power.  Buy one today at