Use a Unique Swing Thought for each Club

Each of your clubs are unique so your swing thought needs to fit each type of club. The shaft length and club length & configuration is designed for unique purposes. I disagree with trainers who suggest that you should just clear your mind and swing. You can’t afford to lose the special opportunity that every club will give you with the right swing.

You may want to customize your setup and grip for each of your clubs but that will be your personal preference to create a draw, fade, high or low shot. Every golfer has a different body size with swing limitations so you have to accommodate the flexibility and range of your body rotation. This summary is only focused on the SWING THOUGHT that you should be using for each of your types of clubs.

Driver Swing Thought: Power swing up the inside quadrant of your ball. BOOM!

Driver: You will never improve your game until you can increase the length of your drives and land them in your planned target area. Power and direction are most important for your swing with your driver but you also need consistency for a draw or fade to ensure that you land your ball in YOUR target area. Jack Nicklaus said that the harder he wanted to swing the slow he made his backswing. SWING THOUGHT: Shallow your swing at the top to swing from the inside and up your target line. (IMPACT YOUR BALL on the INSIDE of the center-line.)

Fairway Metals and Hybrids: These are power clubs for hits off the deck. Again you are looking for distance and direction control but these clubs have shorter shafts and are designed for power. You should never try to increase your swing speed to gain more distance with these clubs. The harder you swing the worse your result because you have no height range for error. You need to hit the ball first and then skin some turf. SWING THOUGHT: Smooth back-swing and downswing on the same arc up your target line.

Irons: Each iron has a unique loft and will give you a limited distance as long as you hit the ball correctly. Practice with every iron to know you swing speed and distance that your club will generate. Choke down on your grip to shorten the distance for any iron but DON’T increase your swing speed (the kiss of death). SWING THOUGHT: Start shifting your weight forward during your transition to ensure that you bottom your swing (to take your divot) after impact with your ball.

Putter: Find a putter that has a weight, feel and look that you like. Test your putter to KNOW that every impact on the center-line will drive your ball in a straight line. Next, determine the straight impact LINE and weight to handle the slope of the green for your planned putt. If you chose the wrong line and swing speed, that’s your mistake. Feel it with your practice swings. SWING THOUGHT: Swing with exactly the same speed as your practice swing and impact UP on your ball at the center line of your putter as you stroke directly up your target line.

Keep a consistent swing thought for each of your clubs and your game will continue to improve. Remember K. I. S. S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). And practice with GOLFSTR+ to improve the consistency of every swing. Buy one today at

GOLF LAW #22: There are two things you can learn by stopping your backswing at the top and checking the position of your hands: how many hands you have, and which one is wearing the glove



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