Understanding the Science of Your Golf Swing

Every golfer wants to swing consistently for a perfect hit every time you swing each club. Unfortunately, your golf swing changes as your emotions and energy level change throughout each round of golf. These changes cause faster, slower and erratic swings which create inconsistent results.  This Swing Tip will help your subconscious mind create a consistent swing.

If you have been reading my past Swing Tips you will recall that I often warn you that the golf swing is NOT like a baseball swing. Keeping your leading arm straight in the back swing and down through impact is the major difference from a bent arm baseball swing. There is also another major difference between swinging a baseball bat and a golf club.

A baseball swing starts with the bat at rest over your shoulder.  Did you ever think about starting your golf swing with your club suspended over your shoulder OR consider the science behind the golf swing?  What is the benefit of completing the backswing when all of your power comes from your forward swing down and through your ball?

1/ The obvious reason for the backswing is to allow your body to coil up like a spring before it releases your club down the same plane through impact with the ball.

2/ The most important reason for the backswing is MOMENTUM. Yes, the momentum of your club at the top of your backswing is actually causing your body to press forward on your leading foot as your club changes direction. Some instructors call this ‘The bump’ or “the Key” as your hip shifts slightly forward to initiate your downswing. This is why your backswing needs some rhythm as you make your transition to your downswing.

3/ The transition of the change in direction of your club from BACKSWING TO DOWNSWING also helps you keep your weight forward on your leading foot. That’s why you should not rush the transition before you reach the top of your backswing.

What causes that propulsion when your ball takes off: May the Force Be with You.

What causes that propulsion when your ball takes off?    May the Force Be with You.

Use a rhythmic transition from your backswing to your downswing as the weight of your club head (magnified by the club shaft acting as a counter balance) helps you keep your weight shifted to your leading foot during the down swing. That is why you need a backswing in golf!

Why is all of this so important?
The lowest point of your swing arc for your irons needs to bottom out just after impact with your ball to provide a reverse rotation on your ball. That rotation causes the unexplained propulsion for amazing distance. This is not Star Wars but it gives you the feeling of “May the Force Be With You”.  You can make this happen only if you take the time to let your club do it’s magic during the transition.

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