Turn Your Game on Like Jordan Spieth

Over the past few months Jordan Spieth has reversed the winning drought that he experienced over the past few years. Every golfer experiences highs and lows in their games but when your game reaches the pinnacle of golf, you hope to continue to improve. Unfortunately Jordan informed the golf world that he was on a mission to improve his strength and the distance of his drives. That was the beginning of his 4 year golf drought. Prior to his 2021 victory at the Valero Texas Open he admitted that he had no idea where his next drive was going. That was the beginning of his golfing rebirth.

Cameron McCormick had been Jordan’s only coach from the age of 12. During Jordan’s effort to increase the distance of his drives he changed to a more vertical backswing. His driving distance may have increased but his direction control was lost. Cameron reformed Jordan’s swing by starting with the point of impact and working backwards. This focus must have helped Jordan mentally lock in his current consistent swing.

Jordan Spieth (1) bows his wrist and (2) shallows his swing plane (3) as he starts TURNING his hips at the top of his downswing.

Jordan Calls his NEW SWING: “Turn and Burn”
-He changed to a lower takeaway plane with a 90 degree wrist lag near the start of his backswing.
-At the top of his swing his wrist is now slightly bowed.
-He starts his downswing with the rotation or “TURN” of his hip as he shallows his swing plane.
-As his arms drop to swing from the inside slot, his trailing elbow nearly grazes his side.
-The BURN is the acceleration of his down swing and release of his lag as he whips his club through the ball.
-He only thinks about his hip TURN followed by his downswing BURN. The shallowing of his swing plane is the major change that he added to his swing for better direction control.

I picked up this description from the TV commentary during The Open Championship as they praised Jordan for his success. [He must be controlling his draw or fade using a slightly open or closed face of his club but this was not described during the broadcast.] Jordan missed a few short putts but his driving and iron games were almost perfection as compared to his historic past 4 years of dismal results.

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Golf Truism #68: You can hit a two acre fairway 10% of the time and a two inch branch 90% of the time.