The Most Feared Shot in Golf

We can all walk up to any ball location and know with a certain amount of confidence that we can make a shot. But hitting a ball and making the perfect shot to hold the green are very different problems when it comes to hitting your ball out of a bunk. It’s even more difficult when you have a long greenside bunker shot with at least 15 yards of carry. I found this simple set of steps on a Performance Golf Zone promotion ad.

The rules change. In a basic bunker shot your club enters the sand about 2 inches before the ball and exits the sand about 2 inches after the ball. You are actually swinging your open faced sand wedge with enough force to slide it under the ball and lift sand and your ball into the air. Floating your ball on a carpet of sand, you know that you are not going to blade it over the green.

For longer bunker shots take less sand with less loft.

Longer sand shots takes a lot more skill because you are taking less sand and you risk making a thin shot. Knowing the right steps will give you the courage for success:

1/ Use a gap or pitching wedge depending on the distance that you want. For a shot over 30 yards you should consider an 8 or a 9 iron.

2/ Your club face and stance should be slightly open (or even square to your target for longer shots).

3/ Take a narrower stance than a basic sand shot but always dig your feet into the sand for stability. The goal for a longer bunker shot is to keep your feet level with the ball and avoid hitting too far and too deep behind the ball.

4/ Aim about an inch behind the ball and swing with a commitment to accelerate through the ball to a full finish and still taking sand before and after the ball. As in any sand shot you need to focus on taking sand after the ball so that you are lifting your ball on a carpet of sand.

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