Swing with your Chest FIRST for Distance!

Last week we talked about Flexibility and Body Rotation by Steve Sticker.  Just to reinforce this point www.golf-info-guide.com by Thomas Golf released a great Blog about hitting the ball further by turning your chest faster rather than hitting harder (with your shoulders). By turning your chest faster you should feel like you are dragging your arms through the ball. In other words you are pulling the club with your leading arm rather than pushing it with your trailing arm.

To gain more distance you need to increase your club head speed along your hitting line (not across it).   Here is a great shot showing Tiger with a great delayed release and swinging from the inside.   So you need to initiate your swing in this order: CHEST, shoulders, arms and wrists.

Tiger's chest rotates before his shoulders start to release though the ball

Tiger’s chest rotates before his shoulders,  arms and then wrists start to release the club though the ball.

For golfers who are not so strong, a powerful early shoulder action can cause serious swing problems. They tend to attack the golf ball from the top of the swing with too steep of an approach down into the ball or the golfer leans back and ‘pulls up’ out of the shot at the moment of impact. This causes slices and mishits.

Practice turning your chest though the ball and finishing by facing the target. This action completes the rotation of the body through impact and maximizes club head speed down the hitting line.  As an exercise, focus on turning your chest faster which should feel like your arms and club are being dragged through the ball. It should feel strange as your chest starts to turn first when your arms drop in the downswing.

Of course a straight arm, flat wrist and lagging release are also key components for your successful swing.  GOLFSTR+ is a great brain trainer to help you with your new swing.

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  • Michael says:

    The biggest reason the pros can maintain this distance in hand sway is their superior conditioning, flexibility, balance, coordination and amount of time spent playing and practicing the game of golf. Therefore one should become more flexible, increase their strength and fitness level until their bodies are capable of accomplishing close to a pro level swing

  • Bill says:

    I agree and that is why most of us are not on the pro circuit, including me. If you goal is to break 90 or 80 you really need to be in shape (mind and body).