Swing Evolution to Get IT Right

Comments from a recent customer reminded me that GOLFSTR+ is a good starting point for a great swing. Keeping your leading arm straight in the backswing and down through impact is ONE important component of the swing. For some, it really is the missing ingredient in their swing. They have told us about their INSTANT success.

For others it takes a lot more instruction and practice to turn their straight arm swing into success. That’s exactly why we developed these Weekly Swing Tips. This week I want to share the important changes that I went through to create a better overall swing to lower my handicap. I hope that this will help you see some of your swing faults.


Overall Swing Performance:
In my quest to improve my game I quickly learned that I needed more consistent iron shots, longer drives and a higher percentage of putts sunk. I have taken my game down from rounds over 100 to the occasional round in the high 70’s. Fortunately various pros suggested 5 more uses for GOLFSTR+ to help me improve all of my swings in putting, chipping, pitching and driving.

I quickly learned that without continuous practice and rounds of golf I will have a hard time breaking 80. With my limited time for play and practice I have learned to be happy with my reasonably low scores and you should too. Don’t beat yourself up over the occasional errant or long or short hit. Golf is a game of touch and you can’t learn this perfection unless you live, eat and breathe this game. So strive for a reasonable score and enjoy this game based on the limited effort that you put into it.

Getting on the Right Track:
I recently received an email from a Reggie, a golf pro in Van Nys, California who has been instructing for 20 years. He thanked me for developing GOLFSTR+ and said: “I can’t wait to get it so I can fix that left arm bending on my students and for the other uses too. I thought about inventing something like your product years ago. Glad you’ve done it for me. Thanks again.”

Will Curry, Developer of GOLFSTR -  Check out the lesson that got me on the right track.

Will Curry, Developer of GOLFSTR – Check out the lesson that got me on the right track.

[If you want a good laugh, check out this page and select the Video: The Embarrassing Lesson that Changed it All     Yes that was my swing being compared to Trevor Immelman which inspired me to develop GOLFSTR+.]

Key Components of the Swing:
My major break though in hitting longer and straighter came when I learned that I was bending my leading arm because I was NOT rotating my hips 45 degrees and my shoulders 90 degrees. Straight leading arm is only effective if you combine it with the right grip and setup, full body rotation, a flat wrist lag, good transition tempo and releasing from the inside to a balance finish. So simple!

Michael Breed helped me understand how to make the right corrections. I saw his lesson on the Golf Channel describing Adam Scott’s swing. He starts his swing by keeping BOTH arms straight during the initial takeaway (until the club was horizontal to the ground BEFORE YOU START BENDING YOUR TRAILING ELBOW). It forces your hips to rotated 45 degrees and then your shoulders to rotate 90 degrees at the top of the backswing. Swinging from the inside and keeping your trailing elbow bent near your ribs will help you release your lagging wrists with a whipping action from the inside.

I learned to swing correctly and got rid of my old driver with an offset head. Don’t use dumb corrective products or a crazy line-up to try to correct your hooks and slices. Get your game together with a conventional grip, setup and swing to improve your game. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. – Benjamin Franklin – And don’t forget to practice with GOLFSTR+. Buy one today at www.golfstr.com


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  • Scott Mohn says:

    The Golfstr is helping me everyday! It’s like having a Pro to rely on. Thanks, Will!