Refocus After a Mishit: Grip, Eye Ball & Posture

It’s the fine details of golf that create consistency. You may not know it but your mind and body change throughout each round of golf. That’s why a positive start for every round is so important. Just arriving at the golf course with a rested mind and limber body can make all the difference. A bad hole can spoil the rest of a round. Your success in golf is based on keeping your minds refocusing on the little details that create perfect shots. This Swing Tip gives you 3 checks to refocus your mind.

Recently I saw a friend arrive for a round of golf in a very quiet mood. He commented about his last round, shooting 79.  Unfortunately in perfect weather conditions, he shot a round of well over 101.  After his first bad shot he seemed to hit every shot long, short or wide of the target. He could not get back on track. He was uptight and out of focus.

When you are frustrated with a poor shot, you need to get your mind refocused. You need a mini check list to help you refocus. If you have not developed your own list of refocusing thoughts, why not start with this list: Grip, Eye Ball & Posture,

Make Love to Your GRIP:  With Greg Norman holding the 54-hole lead in a Memorial Golf Tournament, Jack Nicklaus interrupted Norman’s dinner to give him a swing tip. “I was squeezing,” said Norman, recalling the advice. “I was holding on too long, wasn’t releasing the golf club.” Nicklaus suggested that Norman relax his grip pressure. Norman took the tip to heart and won that tournament.

Norman said, “I started a little saying within myself to make love with my hands, And if you make love with your hands, you’re actually caressing your club.” [Don’t strangle it.]

Glue Your Leading EYE BALL: If you start to top your ball, you may be lifting your head too early as you peak up to watch your ball dribble down the fairway. Try Jack Nicklaus’ favorite trick. Glue your leading eye ball on the Ball. Well, not exactly glue it, but you should slightly turn your head back during your setup so that your leading eye (left eyeball for right handed golfers) can focus on the ball. It also helps you rotate your shoulders and to transfer your weight to your leading foot during your downswing.

I love Jack’s trick but to add extra focus with your leading eye, you could close your trailing eye during your backswing (but this suggestion is not easy to do without practice). Your left and right eye have a different point of view as you can see when you see with one eye and then the other eye. Your trailing eye will see the bridge of your nose or sun glasses during the backswing. If you close your trailing eye, that visual distraction will disappear. Your mind will just focus on the ball. [This has been an amazing breakthrough in my game and I hope it will do the same for you.]

This is my favorite video of Rory McIlroy’s swing in slow motion.  The center line of his chest just rotates without swaying back in the backswing.  You should do the same.

Line-up your POSTURE:  Don’t sway back. Mike Bender noticed that many golfers sway back in their backswing for more power. Unfortunately they never get the axis of their chest back to line-up with the ball for a clean impact. [Swaying back during your back swing normally gets worse late in a round when you get tired and are searching for more power.] Keep your chest rotating and centered over your hips throughout your backswing and downswing. Use your hips to rotate your body through the ball to a balanced finish.

When your game starts going down the drain, snap out of it. Go through your mini-checklist to get back on track. Practice all 3 of these tips while your work with your GOLFSTR+ at the range. Buy one today at



  • alan reid says:

    All of these tips can be extremely useful to you in improving your game. sometimes it also helps to get the advice from a professional coach to help you implement these techniques. if you are in the toronto region check out to book a lesson with your own private tutor

    • Will Curry says:

      I totally agree that working with a professional golf trainer is the ideal way to understand your swing mistakes. That’s how I got on the right path with a pro at our club in Oakville. Thanks for the reminder. I have a lot of customers who buy a GOLFSTR+ after they take lessons so that they can focus on the correct swing. Change is not instant, you need to work at it to get the best results. I’m still a work in progress. My goal is to shoot par from the 6,000 yard tees and will be publishing a book to tell you how I did it.

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