Record Your Big Misses and Cut Your Score

If you really want to improve your golf score you should increase your focus by playing against yourself.  Yes, you heard me: Just use your score card to record your BIG MISSES. That extra focus on avoiding your big misses will lower your score.  It will take a few rounds to sort out your big misses but this will change your attitude and focus on YOUR game.

Michael Breed or Hank Haney said that golf is a game where you have to minimize your misses. Just keep the ball on the fairway, hit the green and get it in the hole. Simple game!

Why You Should Intensify Your Focus?
When you focus on the correct way to swing to create the draw or fad or controlled shot needed to keep your ball in play, you will improve your score. For example:

Sergio Garcia wants to avoid this big miss. Landing in a tree is much worse than hitting a tree.

Sergio Garcia wants to avoid this big miss. Landing in a tree is much worse than hitting a tree.

– Just remembering that swinging too hard can spoil your shot is a great example to keep you in the right frame of mind to swing with less power and more control.
– Choosing a longer iron with a slower swing will give you more control.
– Use a 7 iron or hybrid with a putting stroke instead of a 60 degree wedge off short cut grass in front of a green to improve your odds of getting closer to the hole.
– Focusing on a lag to the hole on a very sloped green for a 2 putt instead of making a poor miss and causing a 3 putt.


How to Play a Game Against Yourself to Cut your Scores:

THE GOAL: Identify Your Mishits and then Minimize your Mishits!

RULES OF THE GAME:  On your Score Card use one line to enter your score for each hole and leave room to mark a code for each of the following mishits (High handicap golfers may need to use a second line below their score line):

o  Hitting your drive or approach shot and Missing the fairway (M)

o  Hitting a Fat drive, fairway shot or chip (F)

o  Hitting a Topped ball  (T)

o  Landing in a Sand trap or Water hazard or hitting a Bush or tree (S, W or B)

o  Extra putts over 2 putts (P for 3 putt or PP for 4 putts)

Analyze your score card after each round and focus on solving your big misses in your next round.

Now you can focus on making the right swing or choosing the right club to avoid your big misses and minimize your shots.

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