Put Your Game in Training: MARK-UP Your Scorecard

Do you wonder why some days are easy to score low and most days are a struggle?  You will be amazed to see how Fairways and Greens In Regulation affect your score. Put your game in Training Mode.

You will only improve your scores if you play well on all 18 holes. That’s why you need to focus on each hole as if it is a new game. Keep track of your progress using dots on your score card. At the end of each round you can see why you got birdie, par, bogie or double on each hole. A mishit, sand trap, tree or shot in the rough will obviously add 1 or 2 strokes to each hole. You need a plan to get out of your rut but first you need to record and measure where you are making your mistakes.

In the square where you mark your score, track your performance in the 4 corners:
-Upper Left: mark a dot if your drive stays in the fairway or on the green for par 3’s.
-Upper Right: mark a dot for Green Hit in Regulation.
-Lower Right: mark the number of putts.
-Lower Left: use a code to enter any mistakes on that hole: M for Mishit, T for Tree, S for Sand, W for Water and R for Rough. (CHW for Club House Window etc.)

Don’t take it out on your golf clubs. Only YOU can fix your game. Over swinging is the normal cause of your mishits. Calm down and enjoy those layups where your want them to land.

At the end of your round it’s easy to see where your extra shots are coming from. Next you have to do something about those problem holes:

A. In most cases you may find out that your mishits are happening with your driver or you are over-hitting from the rough. [Take Corrective Action: Bench your Driver and use your woods, learn to draw into the fairway or relax your tempo.]

B. Hitting into trees or missing a green is your mistake because you are hitting out of a poor approach position. Target your shots at a distance you can comfortably hit with the right club. Hitting over a green into the water is a stupid mistake.

C. What’s causing your mishits? Are you standing too far from the ball or are you bending your leading arm and shortening the distance to reach the ball. Fix it by practicing with GOLFSTR+ as a reminder to keep your leading arm straight.

D. Ok, you get the idea? Sort out where your big misses are coming from and get to work on taking those out of your game or just test out your game on the forward tees. Distance may be your biggest problem.

Of course you should be practicing with GOLFSTR+ for your 6 swing fixes. Buy one today at www.GOLFSTR.com

PS:   GOLF LAW #9 -The last three holes of a round will automatically adjust your score to what it really should be.



  • CHASTEL says:

    These recommendations are well taken and well thought
    However if you go with them DURING THE GAME ,you will take all the joy and the plesure out of the game While playing ,ENJOY ,fre ewhel through the round
    NOW ,AFTER THE ROUND ,make your homework asssuggsted
    I rate my game accroding to PIA NILSSONs’ method

    – HOW?
    Doing so has proven every useful to me over the years

    • Will Curry says:

      Good idea Raymond, but my mind is not as sharp as yours so I need to add my activity score on each hole. Each hole is a game that I play with myself to improve my game. Of course you may only want to score your game as I suggested on 4 rounds in a row to see if it is helping to improve your game.