A New Swing is NOT Automatic!

It just dawned on me as to why most of my swings are wonderful and a few of my swings are messed up. ANSWER: My mind is like the mind of an elephant. I have a long memory that resists change. In other words: Brilliant but STUPID. I know that I want a calm and relaxed straight arm swing, an easy transition with a body shift and a balanced finish but I keep sliding back into my old habits.

I worked hard to improve my game for years with the wrong swing. Sure it was frustrating watching the pros on TV with those wonderful swings and hoping that my mind would somehow lock into that same wonderful motion. What was I thinking?


>Some people learn to groove a proper swing at a young age with help from a concerned parent or instructor.

>Others quickly learn that a baseball swing is used in Baseball and a golf swing is totally different.

>Unfortunately I  ( like 50% of all golfers) fall into a category of a ROBOT WITH A POOR MEMORY. Change is not natural for our minds, muscles and bodies.

If you really want to change your swing, you need to form new habits and a new FOCUS. Knowing what you want to do is only half the battle. Completing 20 perfect swings on the driving range is a wonderful feeling. Unfortunately that messed up 21st swing tells you that your mind is reverting back to your STUPID OLD ROBOT MIND.

Perfection in golf is what we all strive for. Even the professionals mess up the occasional swing by topping or shanking their balls (but the TV Producers rarely show us these shots).

SOLUTION: You need a plan to change your swing pattern.  Try using queues to make the right swing for every type of club and condition. This is not an easy task.
1/ Take lessons or read up on the proper swing mechanics for the best opportunity to match the results of great golfers.

GOLFSTR+  is a great aid to help you groove that perfect swing.  Use it to help you correct your swing.  It's a great Brain Trainer.

GOLFSTR+ is a great aid to help you groove that perfect swing. Use it to help you correct your swing. It’s a great Brain Trainer.

2/ Buy training aids such as GOLFSTR+ with 6 swing solutions to help build a consistent swing by repeating the correct motion.
3/ Use GOLFSTR+ to practice often on the driving range and under playing conditions. You may find that you are using new muscles and that they ache when you are changing to your new swing. [By the way, if your muscles are aching when using GOLFSTR+, you know that you are changing your swing. Put your GOLFSTR+ aside for that day. Recover and then start using it again. Your muscles are changing and you need to accept that it will take time to change.]
4/ Seeing success at the driving range and while you play will build confidence. Use queue words like “Straight, Lag, Press” to focus on key motions during your setup and during your swing.  STAY IN THE ZONE.

Buy a GOLFSTR+ on www.golfstr.com and use it often to keep your mind focused. LOVE THIS GAME.

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Thank you.  Your input is greatly appreciated!




  • Linda Baptiste says:

    Most probably you are right but I have seen some golfers who play well with a poor swing. Your blog will not only help the beginners as well as the professionals. I have come across some golfers who have also taken training from experts on http://www.TheGolfersWebsite.com. For those players I agreed with your statement “Robot with poor programming”

  • Among the many musts to master a perfect golf swing comes the straight left arm :when chipping ,the straight left wrist. GOLFSTR does just that. A simple and effective training aid which does just the job required. Even with my low one figure handicap, you keep learning and improving.

    • Bill says:

      Hi Raymond, I do appreciate your kind words about GOLFSTR+. [ Just for the readers of our Swing Tips: This is the second comment from Raymond and I seem to recall that he golfs every day on the French Riviera (or Monaco), is about 80 years of age and loves his golf. We are so pleased to hear from the users of GOLFSTR+. Please keep passing on the good word to other golfers. Thank you.]

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