Lower Your Scores with Calm Control

Why is it that the further we try to hit a shot, the worse the result?   You need to recognize that the Long Ball Driving Championships typically have the same problem. About 90% of their drives are off the grid. Long and into the woods or into the deep rough is NOT a great shot. We really need to prioritize our game to take advantage of the open fairways and the ideal approach to the greens.

Find this poster on eBay and let it burn into your brain.

I know that my best drives happen when there is a foursome about 260 yards ahead of us and I declare that “I’m just going to lay it up”. That’s when I take my time for a proper setup and a controlled backswing with lag and then release the perfect draw that rolls up just behind the golfers in front of us. Amazingly I swing at  80%  and nail the sweat spot.  My goal is to make that calm and controlled release every time?

Over-swinging is not a good plan for golf.  Why not try these thoughts:
1/ Choose the driver or wood that will put you in a good position for your approach to the green. [HINT: Your longest hit may not be your ideal location.]
2/ If you can’t reach the green or there are hazards along the fairway, choose the club and swing that will put you in a flat area for your next shot or for an easy approach to the green.
3/ Don’t use the club to hit your target if you have to crush a career shot to reach it.
4/ Choose the club that will easily reach your target and choke down if you have too much club but make sure that you take a full and controlled swing to hit your target. [Half swings with half power often end up causing you to open the face and hit a fade or slice so open your stance for half swings.]

Before you swing, think of the pause that refreshes your mind. Take a deep breath and exhale.

5/ Hitting the sweat spot on your club face can give you 5 to 25 more yards (with your driver), so work on a controlled swing to the safe side of the fairway.
6/ Playing from the fairway gives you your best chance to hit the green in regulation. Playing from the rough will almost guaranty a problem result which is short and in the wrong direction.
7/ If you land in a hazard or in the rough, take your penalty shot and make sure that your next shot is from the fairway for a chip and a possible putt to save par.
8/ Wind will mess up your mind. Accept the fact that wind into your face is going to take distance out of your shot or take it anywhere but the fairway. Use a hybrid or an iron to take control of your shot. Remember the old adage: “When it’s Breezy, Swing Easy.”
9/ If you can’t make a high soft landing on the green with one of your longer irons, plan to lay-up your shot on the side of the green with the easiest approach.
10/ Use words like “one, two” to control a perfect cadence for your putting swing. Or use the words “one, two” during your full backswing and “three” as you release through the ball to a balance pose.

Golf is an easy game if you can just choose the smartest shot and enjoy a controlled swing to reach your target. Practice with GOLFSTR+ to learn the benefits of a straight leading arm or flat wrist. Buy one today at www.golfstr.com