Is Your Handicap Going the Wrong Way?

As you age, what is the primary problem that causes your game to go downhill?  No, it’s not your mind (unless Alzheimer’s is setting in).  We seem to find more time and money for golf.  Of course we all get frustrated when we can’t perform as well as we did in our youth. The real cause of our swing problems all stems from Core Strength and FLEXIBILITY.

I’m only writing this Swing Tip to inspire you to take a look at your physical conditioning no matter what age you are. Take a personal health check RIGHT NOW! This is the first day of the rest of your life so why not start NOW ?


Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player are still great golfers but aging golfers like Tiger at 40 start to lose their flexibility.

Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player are still great golfers but aging golfers like Tiger at 40 start to lose their flexibility.

a. If you had the opportunity to watch Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player do the ceremonial tee-off at the Masters a few years ago, you could see that Gary Player is still in great shape. I understand that he puts a real focus on physical conditioning. All three play the game a lot better than the average player but you can see that injuries and the good life have taken their toll.

b. I was reminded about Core Strength and Flexibility by one of the GOLFSTR Swing Tips subscribersRaymond Chastel is over 80, has a single digit handicap and plays at least 9 holes of golf most days of the week where he lives in the south of France. Raymond should be an inspiration for us all. He pointed out that GOLFSTR+ is a valuable training aid as a reminder to keep your leading arm straight for consistent hits and to keep your leading wrist straight for chipping and putting.

c. Words of Wisdom from Raymond: “If YOUR swing Speed is less than 100 MPH you can’t reach the Greens In Regulation. Even long Par 3’s are unattainable in one shot. So first and foremost: work on increasing YOUR Club Head Speed, faster HIP Turn, more use of the ground (push hard with YOUR right insole through impact.” As a follow-up he said: “You may also consider changing your shafts to a seniors version .”

To be a GOOD golfer you need a good memory, visualization and focus (look for an amazing simple tip next week). To be a GREAT golfer you need CORE STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY.

My wife, who is still recovering from a catastrophic auto accident, inspired me to get my body back on track. Yoga is an inexpensive way to improve your FLEXIBILITY. You don’t have to take an embarrassing class where everyone seems to have the elasticity to turn into a pretzel. Get a DVD or find an on-line training session for a half hour yoga session. Work at your own pace as it will take time to get your body in shape to enjoy your workouts. Commit to a daily time and Just Do It!

As your flexibility improves you should progress to Pilates for core strength. Running and strenuous biking seem to do more harm as they age your body and wear out your hips and knees. If your real interest is golf, make flexibility a daily routing and don’t forget to warm up your muscles and stretch out before each round of golf.

Practicing with GOLFSTR+ will be easier when you improve the flexibility of your body.      Buy one today at

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