Hip Press is Key for Your Success

If your lead hip is not starting to press forward at the top of your swing, your transition will not generate a powerful hit. All too often we lock our head and hips at the top of our swing and let our arms take over. That early arm action freezes our body so that we swing with our weight on our trailing foot. Your hip press or bump will start your weight shift to your leading foot.

When you complete a relaxed practice swing (before your muscles tense up for the main event), it’s so easy to allow your weight to start shifting to our leading foot. Unfortunately when we step forward to the ball your focus often changes. We all tend to think about putting a little more power into our swing. That extra power causes us to rush the start of our downswing – – – BEFORE we start to shift our weight to our leading foot.
To help you create a smooth transition, Clay at TopSpeedGolf.com made the following recommendations:

This image shows a light hip BUMP during the transition. It allows you to stay over the ball and to start opening your hips.
  1. At address: Stand nice & tall (but still in an athletic position). You want to begin by standing as upright (with knees bent) as you can and still reach the club to the ball. You’re going to want to squat lower as you launch down in your downswing, so starting with nice posture can keep you from feeling too low to the ground in the downswing.
  2. On the backswing: Activate your hips. If you rotate your hips in the backswing, not only does it help you load up on your leading foot, but it gives your hips momentum to open up through impact as you launch into a standing position.
  3. During the Transition: Push your lead foot into the ground (as you bump your hip forward). Newton’s 3rd Law says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, by pushing into the ground with your lead foot, it pushes your lead hip back (and open). This gives you room to swing through the ball. Opening your hips at impact allows you to power through your ball as you either launch your drives or skim some turf with your irons after the ball.
  4. As you follow through: You need to keep a shoulder tilt through impact. Your trailing shoulder should be tilted down. Focusing on this will ensure you’re staying in your athletic posture through impact.

When you get this right it feels like y o u a r e s w I n g I n g in s l o w m o t I o n. You can feel the leading edge of your club effortlessly power your ball up your target line. Practice with GOLFSTR+ to keep you leading arm straight through impact. Buy one today at www.GOLFSTR.com

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