Golf is NOT Natural: Take Notes!

Golf is not a sport that you learn without putting a lot of effort into the game. Anyone who learns to play golf tries to apply the basic motion learned with a baseball bat or a cricket bat. Unfortunately that swing does not apply for the ideal golf swing and its different with each of your golf clubs. That’s why golf can be frustrating for so many golfers.

Ideally you can start playing golf with any strength and equipment that you have. If you try to learn golf by watching others at a driving range, hitting some balls and heading for a golf course, you will most likely end up frustrated and never become a good golfer. If you missed any of the following steps I highly recommend that you go back to the basics:

This is definitely not a baseball swing. Controlling your backswing and your downswing requires new patience and skills.

1/ Take lessons from a PGA Golf Pro: You will never appreciate how poor your swing is until you get instruction for the basics in swinging a driver, an iron, a wedge and a putter. A group session will be helpful but one-on-one instruction will help you progress much faster.

2/ Practice at a Driving Range: It will help you understand how difficult it is to hit a ball consistently with each of your clubs. Knowing the different setups and the distance that each club hits is critical for your success.

3/ Take Notes: Check out the internet or buy some books to help learn the finer details of hitting with every type of club. Write down brief points that you should apply for grip, setup and balance for every type of club. Each club performs best with its own unique formula.

4/ Practice and Exercise: You will only build confidence in your swing when you learn to hit consistently and when you build up the power in your swing. Many of the pros start their practice with short light shots to wake up their muscles and create consistent hits with each type of club.

5/ Enjoy Golfing with Friends at a Similar Skill Level:  Patience is crucial.  Don’t play this game if you can’t see this as a challenge to improve your skills as well as improving your mental attitude. Learn from every mishit or go back to your notes or your books or back for more lessons. See golf as a way to learn to control your mental outlook and your newly found skills.

Example of Chipping and Pitching Notes: (It’s more than a putting stroke.)
1/ Stance: Feet open and almost touching, ball is off your leading foot instep and shaft forward.
2/ Swing: Equally back and forward with acceleration to the same height.
3/ Loose Knees: Pivot around your leading leg to a forward balanced finish (don’t lock-up).
4/ Pressure is 55% forward: Helping you swing through the ball and up your target line.

You can’t learn this game without practice and patience to develop consistency. Practice with GOLFSTR+ to help you overcome the 6 critical swing faults. Buy one today at

Golf Truism #7: If you want to be better at golf, go back and take it up at a much earlier age.