Driving Distance Increases with Flexibility

Wouldn’t we all like to create longer tee shots when we start a round of golf? I happen to be golfing on northern courses in the Fall so the cooler mornings seem to be having more impact on my driver success. This limitation got me thinking. Why do I generate shorter and more inconsistent drives during my first 9 holes?

We all need to accept the fact that our minds and bodies need to be tuned into our game before we generate the success at golf that we expect. Younger golfers may not be experiencing the problems of aging golfers, but I just wanted to list the causes that may be limiting our games.

Rev Up Your Engines
While driving to a golf course at the start of a day or at the end of your workday we all need to recognize that our minds and bodies need to change modes.
1/ Relax Your Mind: Easier said than done. Get the frustrations of the day out of your mind before you arrive at the golf course. Choose a calming station on your radio and get your mind thinking about successes in your last round of golf.

Rory certainly has a relaxed mind before every swing but he really lets it out when he hit a 360 yard drive.

2/ Flexibility: Use your arrival time at the course to ensure that you can flex your body and rotate with your clubs to relax your swing. A few swings of your club will not do the trick.
3/ Practice: You really need to hit balls into a net or on a range before your body will adapt from driving in a car to playing a great round of golf. Test your swing and make sure that you test out your putting to get a feel for the speed of the greens. Over 40% of your strokes are on the putting greens so make sure that both your full swing and your putts are turned-in for the golf course.
4/ Body Rotation: If you rush your backswing you will never allow enough time for a full hip, shoulder and arm rotation, especially early in your round. It’s amazing to see how much further your can drive a ball with better direction control as you get well into your round.

Golf is a game that needs your full attention. Make sure that you change your mental station over to the game that you want to play.

Practice with GOLFSTR+ when you have time but make sure that you apply the key principles for your successful swings. Slow down your back swing to improve your rotation and focus on a full rotation to a balance finish to improve your direction control. Buy one today at www.GOLFSTR.com