Different Stokes for Different Folks

In a recent blog from Rotary Swing Golf, Chuck stated that most golfers struggle with two primary issues: Consistency and Swinging Too Hard from the Top (with the wrong body parts). I agree with his comments but he did not highlight the critical issues that prevent consistent hits. The golf swing is not a baseball swing where you bend your leading elbow and swaying back in the back swing. For consistency in golf you need a straight leading arm at the point of impact.

GOLFSTR+ is a training aid that trains you to hit consistent powerful shots with a straight leading arm.

I called this swing tip “Different Strokes for Different Folks” because some people can get away with a bent elbow in the backswing and then straighten their arm during the downswing at the point of impact. This is not easy to do and can create mishits when your emotions are out of control and you are swinging too fast.

Critical Focus for Your Backswing
For consistent hits, your backswing should include:
1/ hip and shoulder rotation (don’t sway)
2/ as you lift your straight leading arm and
3/ load with a wrist cock (creating lag) as you transfer weight to your leading foot.

Golf Digest used this image of David Leadbetter to illustrate a straight arm takeaway and a limited backswing.

Avoid a body shift and a bent leading elbow if you try to increase your backswing for more power. These moves are NOT helping the consistency of your swing. STOP your backswing when your leading arm is still straight. Most young players have the flexibility to rotate for a longer backswing. Older players lose this flexibility. Accept this FACT. Limit your backswing to the point where your leading arm is still straight.

Your down swing will naturally release through impact as long as you keep your leading arm straight. Let your club “shallow out” to swing up the inside to outside slot. It will prevent you from swinging over the top (causing a slice). [A simple trick to ensure that you are swing from inside to out is to slightly move your trailing foot back from your target line.]

Soft Hands
In baseball they refer to a light grip as “soft hands”. You also need soft hands in golf to avoid tensing up your arms. Soft hands creates power in your wrist release at the point of impact.

Brooke Henderson is a 5 foot 4 inch 20 year old who is a major money winner on the LPGA tour. When asked what she thinks during her swing, she said: “Swing as fast as I can.” She swings with a straight leading arm and her lagging wrists take her club down to a lower plane to help launch her ball. We would all like to average 270 yard drives that land in the middle of the fairway.

Learn to limit your backswing to the point where your leading arm stays straight for more consistent hits. Practice with GOLFSTR+. Buy one today at www.golfstr.com


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