Break the Swing Rules & Fire UP YOUR Game

Is there really a perfect golf swing? We all try to improve our game by taking lessons and watching the pros perform their magic on TV. In general, every golf instructor presents the same golf swing with a standard setup, a controlled back swing, a weight shift downswing and a balanced finish. Have you ever asked why you should conform? Have you ever considered that your body and brain can perform better shots when you try to step out of the box?

If you watch the pros long enough on TV you will recognize them by their size and walk and even their different swings. Yes, they ALL have a different swing.

Jack Nicklaus, the most accomplished player in golf has a stooped putting stance (which Michelle Wie exaggerates) and he also lifted the heal on his leading foot in his backswing for ease of rotation and timing.

Arnold Palmer used more upper body bend at the waist than others and he had a lunging finish to his swing as if he was throwing his body into the finish of his swing..

Jordon Spieth rolls his ankles. John Daly has a crazy over swing in his backswing. Phil Michelson has another version of an exaggerated backswing. Nick Price’s back swing was almost as fast as his forward swing. Ernie Els is so graceful until this gentle giant unloads.

Each of the great players adapted to something that worked for them. You should experiment to find your trigger or your relaxed mind or your body rotation to generate a consistent swing with a wonderful result every time.

Example of My Breakthrough
One of Arnold Palmer’s swing tips was to grip your club with both hands and don’t lose contact throughout the swing. Finally I realized that I was swinging with a very loose grip on the practice range for wonderful results. Unfortunately Arnold’s tip about a firm grip with both hands took hold of my mind as I played most rounds of golf. I could never understand why my relaxed days of golf were my best rounds of golf. It was all cause by my loose grip.

Experiment to find your breakthrough. Loosen your trailing hand to allow your leading hand to control your swing.

Experiment to find your breakthrough. Loosen your trailing hand to allow your leading hand to control your swing.

A few years ago I learned that old injuries to my body were limiting my rotation and flexibility. Stretch exercises were helping my game but I finally recognized that I need to break Arnold’s rule to always maintain full contract with the grip of both hands throughout the swing.

Bingo, Breakthrough, Wakeup Call, New Beginning and Hallelujah. I broke the grip rule.

I now golf with a firm leading hand grip and a very loose grip with my trailing hand. [So loose that only my fingers are wrapped around the club and the base of my thumb is separated from my leading hand. This allows me to keep my leading arm straight in the backswing, hold my lag in the downswing and whip my club through impact with more power AND BETTER DIRECTIONAL CONTROL.

Break the swing rules to find your magic swing fix. My trailing arm was killing my swing. This may help you too but I hope it has inspired you to experiment to find what causes your amazing shots. Practice with GOLFSTR+ to understand the impact of a straight arm, straight wrist and lag in your backswing. Buy one today at



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  • mstair says:

    “Ben Hogan was absolutely clear in his expression of the primary concept and it needs no reinterpretation or additional understanding. It is utterly impossible for any golfer to play well with a swing that will not repeat. For those of us wired up with short attention spans, or the necessity for consistent tweaking our technique, or a creative temperament that compels us continually to make modifications, this idea must be viewed as “the first and greatest commandment.” We need to build a swing and then play and stay with it — using it to learn how to score in the game of golf.”

    Excerpt From: Mike Stair. “Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons.” iBooks.

    • Will Curry says:

      Thanks for your comments about Ben Hogan’s swing philosophy . It took Ben years to sort out the swing that worked for him and we all may have to go through the same effort. My breakthrough will be different for the breakthrough that works for everyone else. My point is that you should search for the cause of your wonderful swings and then bottle it inside your psyche.

      We all need to sort out what works best for our physical and mental make-up. I agree that after you find the right formula you really do need to stick with it for consistency and perfection.

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