Are you Rushing Your Swing for Distance?

“Swing faster for more distance!”  You see this in every training video where they are trying to inspiring you to hit longer drives. This is a Big Mistake for the want-to-be-golfer!

If you are not hitting the ball with a square club face you are most likely generating extra side spin (causing slices or hooks) or topspin (making the ball dive to the ground). The harder you swing the worse the result will be. Mid-range handicappers need to focus on control to keep your ball in the fairway. Distance will come as your skill and confidence improves so don’t rush your swing.

Your power and distance comes from the whipping action as you release your wrists through impact. Rushing your arms faster from the top may be killing your distance as you cast your wrists and lose your power.

Make sure that you setup with the club in the curl of your fingers and in a light grip. As you reach the top of your backswing with a straight leading arm and cocked wrists (for lag), let your mind control the following actions from the top with a “rhythmic change of direction” (not a rushed change in direction).

This appears to be Keegen Bradley making his transition and shifting his hip and weight to his leading foot.

This appears to be Keegen Bradley making his transition and shifting his hip and weight to his leading foot.

1/ Let the momentum of your backswing allow you to shift your hip and weight forward to your leading foot as your shoulders pull your straight leading arm down (shown in the first image).

2/ Accelerate using a wrist whipping-action as straight leading arm moves from horizontal to impact (shown in the second image).

3/ Focus on impacting the ball on the inside quadrant as you swing up the target line to a balance finish with 100% of your weight on your leading foot.

I was reminded about this motion when I saw a recent promotion for the The Orange Whip. This training aid is a very successful product but it has one serious flaw: The weight of the head is many times heavier than the weight of the head of any golf club. It trains you for a whipping action but the feel with your club is totally different. Transition and rhythm using your hip shift at the end of your backswing is really what you need to feel our swing.

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  • You are 100% right .Distançe comes with a wide arc ( Left arm extended in the backswing and throughswing),gradual ACCELERATION from the top and late Release. The best way to train for the late Release is to swing with a Sand wedge in a 3/4 swing ,with very loose wrists and ” soft hands “. Do that every day,100 swings with your sand wedge and watch yourself improve.

    • Bill says:

      Always wonderful to see your comments (from the French Riviera). They are always a wonderful addition to our Weekly Swing Tips. Love your suggestion about using your wedge to feel the rush or whipping action of the head of the club through the point of impact.

      Happy New Year unfortunately as we watch both the fireworks at the Burg Khalifa and the fire at the Address Hotel in Dubai. Hoping that this does not turn into a catastrophic failure of the building like the World Trade Buildings in NY. My wife and I passed that building on December 6th, 2015. Amazing loss.

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