Take a Putting Lesson from Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith may have set a record for 1 putt greens during 4 rounds of championship golf at The Players this year. His 42 single putt greens over the 72 holes played is an amazing record. On his final 9 holes he had 8, single putt greens. We should all try to learn from Cameron’s amazing putting technique.

Cameron uses a unique Scotty Cameron putter but you really don’t need that putter to make more putts. Every putter in the world can sink every putt. Golfers only needs to choose the correct amount of swing, on the correct target line and impact on the center of your balanced putter face to impart a straight putt with a forward roll (minimizing any bounce).

Cameron takes a careful read of the slope and distance by walking around his putting line and looking from above and below the hole. He does not use a consistent process where he uses a line on his ball to line up his shot. But he often just uses the Titlist logo to line up the direction that he wants to hit.
1/ He chooses a target point that he wants to hit on his putting line so that the ball will break and run down to the hole.
2/ He takes a few practice swings to feel the swing required to reach and pass the hole.
3/ He move forward to his ball and looks from his ball to his target point 1, 2 or 3 times.
4/ He takes a final long stare at the distance to the hole and this is where the MAGIC STARTS: In one continuous sequence, his eyes trace the line from the hole up to his target point and then back to his ball where his SHOULDERS swing his putter back and through his ball EXACTLY ALONG HIS TARGET LINE.

Cameron Smith visually traces his eyes back from the hole to his target point and then back to his ball where his shoulders swing his putter back and straight up his target line (in one continuous sequence).

During the back-swing and forward-swing with his putter, his head and eyes stay focused on his ball. He holds the focus of his eyes directly on the point where his ball is resting for a fraction of a second after the putter impact is completed. He must visualize swinging his putter directly up his target line.

Most golfers focus on their ball for many seconds before they swing. Cameron is not making that pause. He transfers his eye line to his putter back-swing line in one continuous motion without watching his putter back-swing. You can practice this motion with GOLFSTR+. It will lock your leading wrist flat so that all of your putting power comes from the rocking of your shoulders without any wrist action. Avoiding movement in the small muscles of your hands eliminates any tremor or shaking action as you putter makes it pendulum swing. Buy one today at www.GOLFSTR.com

David Letterman: “Why Golf is Better than Sex #5: Three times a day is possible.”


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