Stop Driving for Crazy Distance

If you want to improve your scores, stop trying to swing with speeds like the professionals. It takes a lot more effort than trying to swing faster. Crazy long-distance drives are not paying off when you play the game of golf.

Bryson DeChambeau proved to all of us that if you add muscle mass and work out to add acceleration power, you can increase the distance of your drives. But with all of his effort he is still hitting much shorter drives than the world record holders for distance. Those record holders are only landing a small percentage of their drives in-bounds. Trying to hit extreme distance with your driver is a crazy strategy, especially for most recreational golfers.

Scottie Scheffler is now #1 in the World Ranking. You can try to duplicate his swing but don’t try to duplicate his speed and distance.

GOLF Magazine issued an interesting summary of the driving distance for male and female recreational golfers. Knowing these distances should help you contain your efforts to hit longer drives. The average professionals are driving 300 yards but the longer they drive the further they also hit off the fairway.

Get Realistic with Your Driving Distance
Recreational golfers should be choosing tees which are appropriate for they strength and age. The Professionals don’t have this option. You can improve your scores if you control your driving distance and land more drives in the fairway.

Average Yards Driven by Level of Handicap

Male:………240…….220…….200………75 or less
Female……200…….175……..155……..140 or less

The GOLF Magazine article highlighted the fact that longer drivers had lower handicaps. You will never lower your handicap if you don’t learn to control your drives and your driving distance.

We all want to improve our driving distance but don’t sacrifice your game by trying to hit crazy long drives. Move up to the right tees. Focus on driving to land more balls in the fairway and enjoy your game. Practice with GOLFSTR+ to improve your drives with a straight leading arm and a flat leading wrist. Buy one today at

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