Rory Has a New Winning Swing Thought

After Rory McIlroy’s win at the Scottish Open I anxiously read a blog which highlighted his victory which was based on a fresh new swing thought.  That heading was a real teaser as the article never exposed his wonderful thought.  But it certainly made me realize how your focus on a single swing thought can turn your game around.

I agree that a swing thought is critical if you want to be successful with each type of club, but it may change with every type of club. Each of your clubs have a different weight and swing characteristic so it’s only in your best interest to focus on a thought that will help you achieve excellence for each type of shot.

Golf Magazine shows Rory shallowing his downswing. (1) High at the top, (2) Looping at transition (with a flat wrist) and (3) Shallow on the downswing

Driver Thought: This club is designed for distance so any swing thought should be to generate power with a shot that will land in your target fairway.  I personally aim to the right side of the fairway and setup to create a draw by slipping my trailing foot back slightly from my target line and teeing the ball up to ensure that the ball will launch higher.   My swing thought is to bow my wrist at the top (to shallow my down-swing) and rotate my leading hip to swing up the inside slot. (Rory does not use a bowed wrist.)

Iron and Hybrid Thought: These clubs are designed for a unique distance with better direction control.  At the point of impact, your sternum needs to line-up just in front of your ball to ensure that the lowest point in your swing arc is just beyond the point where your ball is resting.  Low handicap golfers shift their chest to line up their sternum during their down-swingHigher handicap golfers may find it easier to setup with extra bend in their leading knee to lining-up their sternum forward of the ball at setup (and hold that position through out their swing to impact).

Wedge Thought:  Plan your shot by choosing the right club and setup to allow your ball to land and roll out to the hole. Impacting with the ball before the ground is important but you need to practice the right amount of backswing to generate the distance and rollout that you want.  Focus your thought on the right amount of backswing.

Putter Thought:  After you line up your putt based on the expected break and distance you should practice your feel for the right amount of swing required to pass the hole by about 1 to 2 feet.  Your only thought during your putt should be to impact dead center on your putter face as you swing up your target line: DON’T MOVE YOUR EYES OFF THE POINT DIRECTLY BEHIND YOUR BALL until 2 seconds after impact.]

You may have your own personal thoughts but keep them simple.  Practice with GOLFSTR+ to perfect the correct swing with your arm and wrist for all 6 swing fixes.   Buy one today at

NOTE:  Golf  Magazine said that Rory focuses on a wider takeaway so that he can shallow at the top and swing up the slot with rotated (open) hips.


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