New Year, New You, New Swing !!!

Happy New Year to All!  This is a good time to look at the big picture.  Success in golf depends on your physical condition and your mental outlook.  I know that these both affect my game.  Of course we should all be doing more exercise to avoid injury and limit our aches and pains when we golf.  But have you thought about conditioning your mind too.

I just played my first round of golf in 2 months with a shocking result.  My first 9 holes were great with 5 pars and a respectable score.  My second 9 holes were awful.  I must have been focused at the start and then I got cocky and was swing harder and faster: expecting even better results.  Get a Life.  What was I thinking?


GOLFSTR+ offers you 6 uses to fix 6 golf swing problems.  Why not work on these during the off season?

GOLFSTR+ offers you 6 uses to fix 6 golf swing problems. (CLICK THE PICTURE TO EXPAND)

Come to think of it, my rounds often get worse on the second 9.  You may not have the same problem but this being a NEW YEAR, I’m suggesting that you try to appraise where your game went wrong:

  • Are you getting weaker or tired on the back 9?  Exercise may be the solution.
  • Are you missing more fairways and greens in regulation on the back 9?    Slow down, stay focused and layoff the caffeine and booze.
  • Are you consistently missing drives, fairway shots, chips and putts?  Why not work on your muscle memory?  Improve every swing in your game by practicing and building muscle memory with the right swing.

GOLFSTR+ is designed to help you train your brain with a straight arm or flat wrist of lagging wrist.  Why not check it out today or send this Swing Tip along to others who may appreciate this thought.

It’s a great idea to exercise and train your brain in the off season.

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