GOLFSTR Community Breeding Success

As this year draws to an end, it’s important to understand your successes and then make them your launch pad for the future.  GOLFSTR owes its success to the community and now depends on the world community to move to the next level.

GOLFSTR was born from ideas shared by our friends and golf pros.   Many people with golf swing problems helped this product evolve to offer you 6 Training Aid uses.  We are now providing a $10 discount as incentive for you to give the gift of an improved golf swing to your friends and family: For Every Swing in Their Game.

The production of GOLFSTR was born as a cottage industry.   With help from 8 home sewers and a plastic company who converted a pizza oven to create our first prototypes to fill our first 1,000 orders.  With encouragement from our user community we decided to launch to the world.

The Original Use of GOLFSTR: Trains you to keep your leading arm straight in the back swing.  Wear it while you play 18 holes and see your game improve.

The Original Use of GOLFSTR: Trains you to keep your leading arm straight in the back swing. Wear it while you play 18 holes and see your game improve.

To assemble our product and packaging we chose Best Pack.  It’s a local company which raises funds to help empower people with a developmental disability to be all they can be.  Their goal is to provide a competitive work environment for challenged people.  Although Best Pack is a for profit company all proceeds of their work are donated to improve the quality of life for individuals in our community to live in a state of dignity.  We are pleased that your purchase of a GOLFSTR is helping your golf game and giving back to the community.

GOLFSTR was developed for the single use of training golfers to swing with a straight leading arm.  Fortunately our world community of users alerted us to the many ways that they are using GOLFSTR to improve their game.  We added a Rubber Extender to give our users more performance options and 5 more ways to use GOLFSTR.  Thanks to our user community we have renamed it GOLFSTR+ with 6 uses.

We love your testimonials so keep them coming.  CLICK HERE to check them out on our Testimonial Page on our website  Here’s one that was just published in the Nov/Dec 2013 Issue, Southern California Golf Association page 53:  Robert Sacks:  “I found that after using it for a while, I was hitting shots straighter.  The product gave me feedback on when to stop the backswing and forces you NOT to over swing.  Instead, it lets you take a proper backswing that helps you keep the ball straighter and longer.”   CLICK HERE to view the magazine.

GOLFSTR+ Retail Gift Package

GOLFSTR+ Retail Gift Package

Why not give the gift that keeps on giving — All Year Long.  Your friends will be amazed throughout the year.  GOLFSTR+ is the ideal gift for any golfer so when you buy now until the end of  2013 it comes in a retail gift pack.  Buy it on [OR  call 1-855-799-9695] and get $10 off when you enter Coupon Code:     golfstr

Happy Thanksgiving  and Hit’m Straight


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