DISTANCE KILLER: Casting from the Top!


The Golf Link Blog by Chuck Cook  this week provided a great drill to fix the early release of your wrist at the top of your swing.  This is the most critical component of your swing to get more distance so you don’t want to miss this one.

You may have heard me say that this is not baseball so don’t bend or collapse your leading arm in the backswingWell this is not fishing either, so don’t cast your wrist at the top of the swing and expect any power when you connect with the ball.


Don't Cast at the topSkipping a stone golf swingReleasing the head of the club too early wastes all of the speed before you get to the ball.  This swing is like throwing your wrist to skip a flat stone along the surface of the water.  You need to snap your wrist just before you release the stone.  The same is true in the golf swing.

If you can maintain the angle in your wrist very deep into the downswing then release your wrist through impact you will hit the ball much farther than if you release at the top of the swing.

A good drill to help you learn how to do this is the Pound Drill.  Make your backswing with a straight leading arm and a 90 degree wrist cock.   Then complete half a downswing with your straight arm and cocked wrists. When you come down you want to feel like you are pounding down with the butt end of the shaft of your club. Try to pound down from the inside so that you don’t start to rotate your hips too early.  Hold your wrist to club angle deep into the downswing.

Practice this motion without hitting a ball.  Then complete the release of your wrist at the bottom of your swing to feel the whipping action as your club whooooshes through the bottom of your swing.   The delayed release of your wrists gives you more clubhead speed and longer shots.

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