Consistent Hits with ONE THOUGHT!

For many years I have seen too many commentators and blogs saying that you should hit each shot without thinking“Just let your subconscious take over.”  If that was true, how do you control your swing for: shorter or longer shots using the same club, side hill lies, downhill lies, fades and draws.  The truth is that these shots don’t happen without focusing on your swing.

In past blogs I have commented on the power of the mind and the conscious vs the sub-conscious.  The intent was to get your mind in a state of total focus.

The Golf Channel and most golf gurus tell you how to manage a shot.  Revolution Golf did one this week on curving the shot from right to left and then from left to right and also creating a high shot and a low shot.  In all cased if you are not 100% committed to making the swing from in to out or out to in or with a high / lower back swing you will never make the shot.  It is absolutely crazy to think that your body can go on auto-pilot and make the shot without your mind being totally committed.

Each shot needs to come down to a single focus: ONE THOUGHT

Each shot needs to come down to a single focus: ONE THOUGHT


The Solution:
Clear your mind by going through your setup route.  If you stick to a routine for the drive, fairway, pitch, chip, sand and putt then your focus will only be on the shot.  Just do the setup the same way for each type of shot.  This will put your mind at ease as you consciously plan your shot and choose your line.

Your grip, ball position and line up of the face of your club are important components of your setup routing.  Make them part of your mental check list.  When they are done they are out of you mind.  The cadence of your swing should always be the same but the height of your back swing and the direction of the swing should be your final focus.


One Thought for Success:
Determine the single swing thought to complete your shot.  All the pros rehearse their swing thought with a practice swing to lock the motion into their mind.  You only have 2 seconds to make the swing so you only have time for ONE good thought: down the line, in to out (fade), out to in (draw), or full/half/quarter back swing.

  • Before you swing, breathe in and out forgetting any other thoughts.
  • Earth Shattering Reality: You can only say or think one thing at a time.
  • Mentally, say your single swing thought (to eliminate any other thought).
  • Enjoy the view as your ball finds it’s target.

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