Is BUBBA GOLF for You?

We should learn from Bubba Watson’s victory in the Masters but don’t take it all to the bank.  BUBBA GOLF is insanity golf.  He is the only player in the field who hit a 366 yard drive over the corner on the dog leg left, 485 yard, par 5 13th  hole on Sunday and landed his second shot on the green with a gap wedge.   The length of his drive was crazy long but he also had to cross over a forest and Rae’s Creek twice.  

Recreational golfers need to play within their capabilities.  Bubba is 6 foot 3 inches tall; has a body that winds up like rubber and power to generate a 124 mph head speed (when the tour average is only 110 mph).    He is super human and this is not reasonable for the recreational player as well as 95% of the pros playing in the Masters.

The 13th at Augusta National is probably the most beautiful of the holes on the course but also the most feared.  It;s noth'in for Bubba.

The 13th at Augusta National is probably the most beautiful of the holes on the course but also the most feared. It’s noth’in for Bubba.

Bubba’s drives are longer, his approach shots are shorter (so they are more accurate) and his lag putting created the win. 

Nick Faldo, a 3 times Masters Champion made some great observations about Bubba’s winning performance in the GOLFWEEK blog.  Faldo believes that Bubba Watson’s weekend success was primarily because of a solid driving performance and of course a couple of lucky breaks.  “Today he drove it really well,” Faldo said after Watson’s three-shot victory. “Probably a little nervy [you think], but generally drove really well.”  In the end, though, Faldo liked Watson’s lag-putting ability. A stat that doesn’t really exist.


The second half of the following video is an amazing slow motion swing analysis of Bubba by CBS Golf Swing Analyst Peter Costis in 2011.   He summarizes the swing with these words:  “the width and length of Bubba’s arm is critical to how he can hit the ball so far.”   [Of course GOLFSTR is designed to help you swing with this amazing wrist lag and straight arm in your backswing [ just like Bubba].

Marvel at what Bubba is able to do.  Learn from his performance and play within your physical and mental capability.   Did you notice how straight Bubba’s leading arm is for every swing in his game?  Could he secretly be using a GOLFSTR+ to get his drives longer and to hit more fairways?  All kidding aside you should be using GOLFSTR+ to develop wrist lag in your backswing, straight leading arm in your drives and approach shots and flat wrist in your chips and putts.

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