Accept the FACT: YOUR Mind and Body are Unique !

What others do to create consistent golf swings may be helpful but you need to sort out what works for YOU. Your mind and body are not in the same condition as the pros [or any of your playing partners for that matter] so don’t expect that their technique is going to work for you. If you watch enough golf on TV you can recognize each of the better players by their unique swing. THEY ARE ALL DIFFERENT and yours can be different too but you need the same basics.

If you can make a practice swing and end up in a balanced, finish position then you are in a calm frame of mind and a good starting position for each shot. Just focus on taking the same backswing and follow-through for every shot in your round. It will only happen if you focus on calm consistent transition at the top to start your acceleration.  The RUSH AT THE TOP will kill your consistency.

Consider these facts:

  1. Hideki Matsuyama had a recent amazing stretch of 10 tournaments where he either finished in first or second place. His average driving distance is shorter than most of the pros but his delay at the top of his swing allows him to create consistently straight shots at his target. You just may want to try this.
  2. Every pro has a unique swing but they all end up with a posed finish in perfect balance. If you do anything, finish your swing in balance.
  3. Justin Thomas won the last 2 tournaments in Hawaii to start 2017. His success is based on his commitment to the shot. He decides on his shot. Takes a practice swing and pulls the trigger. He does not rush his process but there is no delay during his preparation and completion of his swing. [In this video of his swing you can see that he actually triggers his back swing by rotating his head slightly back before he starts the rotation of his shoulder.  This is a similar move to Jack Nicklaus.
  4. I often ask others about their break through thoughts. One uses a warmup split grip and rotation to force his arms and body through the shot. Others start with pressure on their leading foot to make sure that their body can keep up with their arms as they swing through the ball.
  5. I use words which have meaning to me in order to block out all other thoughts: “Sweep in and through” to slow down my backswing and to end with a balanced pose. [You can’t say or think 2 words or thoughts at the same time – trying it! You will be amazed at how it improves your swing focus.]


We all know that consistent hits in golf will allow you to par every hole. A consistent swing for consistent hits with each club in your bag should be your primary focus. Your mind has to be calm and relaxed to allow a smooth and consistent tempo for your body. If you are not in balance at the start, at the top and at the finish then you better take some lessons to get back in sync.

Practice for relaxed consistency and a balanced finish. Learn the basics of the golf swing and then hone in your skills by practicing with GOLFSTR+ for every swing in your game. Buy one today at


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