Wonder Who’s Showing Up Today?

If you don’t start each round with a relaxed body and confident mind, the wrong guy is showing up. What we all need is a method to create this state of mind every time we swing a club. Last week I promised to share my findings to create your future success in golf. The payoff is that it will make you a renewed person in mind and spirit. It’s happening to me and it will happen to you too.

We have all hit perfect straight shots with impact on the center of the face of every club in our bag. Our goal is to repeat this with every swing. It only happens when you don’t rush the transition and you allow your club to accelerate from the top. Make it your goal to finish every swing in a balanced pose as you watch your perfect shot.

For success in golf you only need to be Relaxed and Confident. That will set you up for success with every swing of any club.

1/ RELAX YOUR BODY AND MIND: I discovered the solution by watching and hearing the success stories from Jason Day, Tiger and every friend who has a breakthrough in their game. You may have seen Jason Day take his time to sort out his shot and visualize his shots as he squints and flutters his eyelids. Tiger clicks into his focused trance by shifting into his mental zone. Many pros work with mental trainers to reach this state of mind (in the zone) but there must be a better way for the weekend warriors.

Jason Day talked about a new way to train your brain for better golf in Golf Digest, Nov 2016.  Clear your mind for one thought when you swing. Take your time to sort out your setup. Pick your target, select the right club and adjust your stance for the right lineup. Check that your grip is loose and your shoulders are relaxed and dropped (not tight at you neck). Doing these steps will actually clear your mind.

2/ CONSISTENT [CONFIDENT] HITS: Your goal is to create a consistent swing (for your drives, fairway shots, chips and putts – each club needs your unique swing thought). Justin Thomas takes very little time to prepare for each swing and then execute. [After Alabama lost in the college football championship, Justin had a lot of disappointment on him mind. He sure figured out how to focus. At the age of 23 he is the youngest play to set the lowest PGA tournament score at -27.] Justin has one swing thought for the club and shot that he is making. He steps up to the ball and executes that swing though and you should do the same thing.

Your body is in a different physical condition every day that you start a round of golf. So you need to prepare for each round at the range to determine the setup and tempo for each club. Sort out what is working for you. DETERMINE A SINGLE SWING THOUGHT THAT YOU NEED WITH EACH CLUB and use those thoughts during your round TO KEEP YOUR MIND FOCUSED. Those swing thoughts may change slightly before each round but you need to use the single swing thought that works for you.

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