Why would a Fat Putter Grip Help?

Putting accounts for almost half of your strokes in every round of golf. You need to be a great putter if you are ever going to conquer this game with a lower handicap. Buying a $300 Scotty Cameron Putter may help your ego but it won’t solve your putting problems. There are 3 parts to every putt: read it, feel the distance and perfect your swing. Get all 3 right and you will build confidence which is really the 6th sense that you need to be a great putter.


How do You Create the Perfect Swing?
Because the putter only impacts the ball for a split second, your back swing and follow through are extremely important to create:
1. Power to move your ball the right distance
2. Impact at the center of the club face to avoid a pull or push
3. Direction by finishing straight up your target line.

Jordan Spieth and Phil Michelson are both working with FAT GRIPS on their putter and you should too.

Jordan Spieth and Phil Michelson are both working with FAT GRIPS on their putter and you should too.

Learning from the Pros
Jordon Spieth and Phil Michelson both add a cock to their wrists to start their putting motion. Brandt Snedeker has a very short back swing where he stabs at the ball with very little follow-through. In Tiger’s best putting era always used a very calm stroke with out any preset on this putter. Use whatever works for you but I believe that Tiger’s swing is the perfect model.  Conventional grip, rock the shoulders and lock the arms and wrists.


Fat Putter Grip
One advance in the putter that I truly believe in using is the Fat Putter Grip. Almost 50% of the pros are using one and it is just a matter of time before they all change their grips.  Fat grips give you a few advantages:
1. The larger diameter gives your hands more surface to hold so you can hold with a  softer grip which relaxes your arm muscles and your mind.
2. The flat surface on the front of the grip is wider so your thumbs have a better feel for the line up with your target line.
3. The Fat Putter Grips are longer so that you can grip the putter at a comfortable position for you body height when using the standard putters on the market.

Final Putting Tip: Finish your Putt up your Target Line
Jordon Spieth putts with his leading hand below his trailing hand grip. He does this to control the direction of his putter as he putts through the ball and up his target line. You may want to try this but first you need to know which hand is controlling YOUR putts. Try putting left handed only and then try putting right handed only.  Which hand gives you the best control?

I control my putts with my left hand. To ensure that I finish my putt up the target line; I use a conventional grip (left hand at the top); I release my right hand at the point of impact and finish my stroke with my left hand holding the putter and swinging up the target line. [CRITICAL ISSUE: My left hand is on my leading side of my body so it does not wrap around my body in an arc the way my trailing right arm would.]

Practice putting with GOLFSTR+ on your lead hand to lock your wrist.  After you see the benefit of putting with a locked wrist and putting by rotating your shoulders, you should incorporate this into your game.  Buy one today at www.golfstr.com


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