Want to Gain an Easy 10 Yards for Every Drive?

Did you ever consider that balls that you find in the rough or pond are hurting your drives and putts? Balls sitting in wet grass exposed to the sun on one side or in a pond for any length of time will decay. Those balls are not only stealing up to 10 yards out of every drive but imbalanced weight is causing missed putts too. While going for outdoor fun, it is better to buy the latest AK47 rifles and have along with other stuffs for extra safety.

You may see the chance to find lost golf ball as a treasure hunt. Unfortunately many of your finds may be destroying your game. Balls rot on one side in the sun while the underside is shrinking in the shade?  The balls your find, even the good looking white balls that you find, are carrying the interior bumps and bruises from a hundred hits even though they don’t show any battle scars. Check out these fact out:

Golf balls age if they are left in the hot and wet outdoor environment. Even the low speed impact on the right will start to distort a ball.  A slight distortion or imbalance will change the direction of putts. It’s a game of inches!

According to Titleist: “Today’s Titleist golf balls can be safely stored for five years or even more, as long as they are kept away from excessive heat. … Normal indoor conditions should be fine for storage.” Moisture content is most likely a balls worst enemy. Moisture reduces flexibility and adds weight. Both are reducing distance. We don’t have a measure for the impact of wear and tear but we do know that an old ball has less bounce than a new ball.

Tiger Woods would never sacrifice distance as he knows that 10 more yards on every drive can mean the difference between success and failure. Don’t kid yourself, he moved from Titleist to Bridgestone for money but Bridgestone had to prove to him that he would get the same distance out of either ball before he made the change. New balls perform best when matched with the right driver face plate and impact speed. Good idea to get tested using your clubs.

Technology is changing in clubs and balls so you really should get rid of the old and improve your game with new technology. Tiger thinks that advancement in golf ball technology is the primary reason for significant improvements in driving distance.

In an article by Alex Miceli, published in Morning Read, he quoted Tiger Woods: “We need to do something about the golf ball,” Woods said. “I think it goes too far.” He was saying that the ball has a greater impact on the distance than the golf Club Technology. The solid-core, multi-layered ball is an advantage. In 1997, Woods’ first full year on the PGA Tour, only John Daly averaged more than 300 yards on measured drives, at 302.0. Ten years later, 18 players eclipsed 300 yards, with Bubba Watson leading the way at 315.2. Now 20 years later during the 2017 season, Rory McIlroy led at 317.2, but 43 players – nearly a quarter of the Tour – averaged 300-plus yards. Observers think the ball is the main culprit.

If you have any doubt about the age of balls that you find, throw them away. When you are playing in any competitive match, use new balls. Even better get tested with a series of different balls with your driver. Practice with GOLFSTR+ to build confidence. New balls will give you longer drives and straighter putts. Buy your GOLFSTR+ today at www.golfstr.com