WANT 15 More Yards or More Consistency?

Have you ever noticed that every golf training aid, swing tip or golf exercise promises 10 to 15 more yards? What’s the use of hitting 10 to 15 more yards further into the rough, pond or bush? These ads are appealing to your macho instinct. Every golfer wants to swing faster and hit longer drives but it is not that easy. My point is that consistent hits and landing in the fairway ARE FAR MORE IMPORTANT TO YOUR GAME than extra distance. I finally sorted this out and want to share my findings.

I recently watched Henrick Stenson and 2 playing partners on a long par 5. All 3 pros hit drives in the fairway. All 3 chose to hit the perfect layup in the fairway to avoid the deep rough and deep sand traps guarding the green. All 3 chipped to within 10 feet and all 3 birdied the hole. I know that these professional golfers are consistent hitters but they are also realistic golfers. Get out of your macho mindset. You should focus on reaching the perfect position in the fairway to landing on the green in regulation near the hole.

  1. Accept your Driver Limitation: Determine the distance that you can consistently hit your drive in the fairway. If you can’t hit 5 straight shots in a row with the same club then you may be swinging to fast. Your body is out of sync with your swing.
  2. Swinging harder and faster will give you worse results.
  3. Fix your swing with lessens and then use a GOLFSTR+ to hone in your muscle memory for every swing in your game.


Consistency should be your priority. You are NOT destined to be a pro golfer so get realistic. With consistent hits, you CAN par every hole! If you play a golf course often enough, eventually you WILL par every hole. So why not calm down, tee forward if you have too, keep every drive in the fairway and get it close to hole out in 1 or 2 putts on every hole.  Bingo, you just broke 80.

Imagine being a confident Adam Scott as he finishes his swing in balance and admires his shot.

All you have to do is relax your mind and body, don’t rush your swing, accelerate through the ball and finish in balance as you admire your shots.



Stay tune for next week’s solutions to calm down, tune-out the crap and play the way you golf in your dreams.


When you learn to control your mind for golf it will affect the way you live your life. You will become the caring and understanding person you have always wanted to be. Success in your game will create more success in your life. Start by honing your skills with GOLFSTR+ for every swing in your game. Buy one today at www.golfstr.com







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